10 Iconic Jewels Every Jewellerista Should Invest In

Buying jewellery is a highly subjective decision. Each piece’s size, weight, design and hue playing a role in its appeal to different individuals. Choosing trinkets and baubles is a matter of personal style – a proud reflection of one’s own taste. However, certain jewels seem to have universal appeal, never going out of fashion even over decades. These are iconic and immediately recognisable bracelets, rings and bangles, usually worn by celebrities and movie stars, and coveted by all world over.

For most of us normal folk, purchasing these precious jewels is a rare occurrence that may be used to mark a milestone occasion such as an anniversary, engagement, wedding, important birthday, graduation or promotion.

They don’t come cheap, but their timelessness and finesse make them a once-in-a-lifetime, for-a-lifetime purchase that many save up for years to splurge on.   

If you are looking to treat yourself or buy a very costly yet priceless gift for someone who means the world to you, you can’t go wrong with these ultimate collections of luxe jewellery.

1. Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier Love Bracelet

Opened and fastened with a screwdriver to represent the strong bond between lovers, Cartier Love Bracelet is arguably one of the most recognisable pieces of wrist candy in the world. With crisp, clean design in yellow, white and rose gold options, the Cartier Love Bangle is the epitome of chic and classic.

Over 40 years old, this bracelet design was created in New York in the 1970s and has since become a sign of commitment from one to another. Initially available only in a single thickness which could be considered bulky on daintier wrists, Cartier now sells their bracelets in slimmer silhouettes for those who prefer an even sleeker look.    

2. Cartier Trinity Rings

Cartier Trinity Rings

Designed by Louis Cartier himself in 1924, the Trinity Ring may be simple in design but it’s stunning in the result. Three loops of gold, in three colours – yellow, pink and white – intertwined elegantly around the finger to form in a jewel of mesmerising fluidity and aesthetic excellence.

Each colour of gold is said to symbolise a virtue that is prized in relationships. The yellow gold symbolises fidelity, the pink gold represents love and the white gold stands for friendship. Today, the classic design has been made over in many stunning now styles, set with sparkling coloured stones or crafted in black ceramic and white gold for a dramatic monochromatic look, allowing you to choose a modern take on an old favourite.      

3. Boodles Raindance Ring

Boodles Raindance Ring

If you are looking for a delicate ring with bling, the Boodles Raindance ring toes the line between sweet and flashy, flawlessly. Upon three rounded strips of gold sit a plethora of seemingly arbitrarily-placed diamonds. The scattering of sparkling stones, those not symmetrical, are sublimely balanced, evoking attention to anyone who comes across it.

Launched almost two decades ago, the Raindance ring now comes in a range of beautiful options with coloured stones such as rubies, pink and blue sapphires, aquamarines and even coloured diamonds.   

4. Louis Vuitton Blossom Necklace

Louis Vuitton Blossom Necklace

Fashion house Louis Vuitton is not just known for its designer luggage hauled around by celebrities, it’s also a powerhouse when it comes to high jewellery, complete with gorgeous precious gems and sparkling diamonds. A relatively new kid on the block, its Blossom High Jewellery range was launched in 2016 and, just like the iconic bags, became a hit world over with celebrities and stars.

The collection celebrates the monogram flowers that were designed by Georges-Louis Vuitton in 1896. Though the collection comprises rings, bracelets and earrings too, it is the understated necklaces, crafted in a range of gemstone options such as tsavorites, opals and mandarin garnets, that have a special appeal. A single monogram flower on an elegant and dainty chain makes for a simple yet stunning necklace that’s versatile enough to wear every day.

5. Chanel Logo Earrings

Chanel Logo Earrings

It was Coco Chanel’s designs in the 1920s of cocktail dresses that gave rise to the term ‘little black dress’. Unfailingly stylish, Chanel is synonymous with subtle elegance and class. Its interlocking Cs logo immediately associated with quality and timelessness.

This is why the Chanel logo earrings are one of the ultimate fashion statements to wear. Never too large or too bold, Chanel’s signature earrings are nevertheless striking and beautifully charming.

6. Bulgari B.Zero1 Ring

Bulgari B.Zero1 Ring

Bulgari B.Zero1 collection was launched on the cusp of the new Millenium, the Zero1 representing the brand’s first collection in the 2000s. The ‘B’, of course, stands for Bulgari. Since then, these iconic rings have been updated and reinvented every year. Notable updates include artist Anish Kapoor’s creation of a pink gold and reflective steel ring which marked the 10th anniversary of the iconic collection.

In 2017, the renowned late architect Zaha Hadid conceptualised the B.zero1 Design Legend collection, a marvellous interpretation of the ring featuring oscillating waves surrounded by the collection’s two parallel bands. Because of its ever-evolving nature, the rings from this collection have fascinated jewellery lovers for decades, always looking forward with excitement to its refreshed style year after year. Not overly feminine or delicate, these rings perfectly symbolise and celebrate the strength and individuality of women.

7. Tiffany T Bracelets

Tiffany T Bracelet

Much like the renowned Cartier love bracelet, the Tiffany T bracelets have been must-haves for decades, their popularity standing the test of time through generations. Created by the brand’s first female design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof, the bracelet is a cuff style where both ends conclude in a ‘T’ shape on either side.

It is minimalist and edgy, which exuding Tiffany’s signature clean aesthetic. Its classic version is in yellow gold – this is the ideal fuss-free adornment in the day or during an evening outing. The T bracelet is available in two options of thickness, and in various coloured golds and silver, as well as diamond-studded options.

8. Tiffany Hardwear Earrings

 Tiffany Hardwear Earrings

Yet another iconic design from Tiffany’s first woman design director, the Hardwear collection is described by the brand as being fiercely feminine, embodying the energy and spirit of city life. It’s no wonder then that the strong looking linked-designs resonated with women world over.

The Hardwear jewels make no excuses for being bold and beautiful. The range consists of striking statement pieces, however, it is the unique link earrings that elevate it to iconic status. Available in sterling silver or yellow gold, these modern earrings are the perfect accessory to gift yourself on a special occasion.      

9. Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Long Necklace

Alhambra Long Necklace

Known for being feminine and whimsical, Van Cleef And Arpels are the perfect choices for those who love romance and fairytales. Their world-famous Alhambra motif is an artistic take on the four-leaf clover, each petal representing luck, health, fortune and love. Launched in 1968, to this day the Alhambra is desired for its classic and pretty form.

Perhaps the most recognisable piece in this collection is the long, sautoir-style necklace which features many of the motifs strung along a delicate chain. The jewellery is available with numerous colour options by way of gorgeous precious stones, taking choosing this iconic jewel to the next level with the ability to choose from distinct variations all in the same alluring design aesthetic. Simple, sophisticated and effortlessly elegant, the Alhambra long necklace a jewel to be treasured forever.  

10. Mikimoto Pearl Necklace

Mikimoto Pearl Necklace

A string of pearls is all you need to dress up any outfit – whether it’s a flirty cocktail dress or a sleek pair of pencil pants and a smart blazer. Understated and classy, a string of pearls from Mikimoto is about as good as it gets.

The founder of this Japanese pearl jewellery brand, Mikimoto Kōkichi is said to have actually created the first cultured pearls before starting the industry with his establishment. One of the biggest names when it comes to luxury pearl jewellery, Mikimoto pearls are a gorgeous investment that represents nature’s beauty.

Take your pick from these 10 gorgeous pieces of jewellery that never go out of style the next time you are in the market for some fabulous high-end trinkets to invest in.   


  1. esQuisses
    September 18, 2018 / 3:31 pm

    It definitely has a special timelessness to it

  2. Sriya
    October 28, 2018 / 3:09 pm

    I love the 3D, architectural take on the B.Zero1 ring. Extremely structured yet so fluid – it’s almost as if it’s from the future