11 Must Have Jewellery Pieces For Women

For a lot of women, a killer outfit is not complete until it is appropriately accessorized. But while some people have a knack for picking and matching jewellery with clothes, for most it can be quite confusing business. That’s why it’s essential to have some classic pieces that lend themselves well to all sorts of attire. If you are looking to perfect your accessorizing abilities, here is a list of the 11 must have jewellery pieces every woman must own.

Women’s Must Have Jewellery Pieces For Every Occasion

1. Pendant


A simple gold chain with a meaningful pendant is the most definitive piece of everyday jewellery you need. It’s sweet and feminine, exuding class, subtle sophistication and a hint of your personality to the outside world. Choose a pendant close to your heart or a single diamond for a simplistic and refined look. This style of delicate necklace is the perfect way to class up any outfit, from a formal work meeting to an evening beach dress on holiday. A fuss-free pendant is a great piece of jewellery to carry when travelling as it adds some style without hassle.

2. Riviere Necklace


This traditional silhouette can really tie in an ensemble. A high necklace that graces your collarbone, Rivieres are extremely stylish and can be as delicate or bold as you are comfortable with. We love those featuring delicately hued, sparkling gemstones which lend some uniqueness to your look. A definite must have jewellery piece for every woman.

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3. Long Necklace


Let out your inner 1920s siren with a long necklace, which, in addition to looking chic also adds elegant length to your silhouette. Get your Great Gatsby on with a single, double or triple strand necklace and let that be the centerpiece of your ensemble – a sautoir doesn’t need to compete with large earrings or bangles. Instead, opt for classic yet bold looks such as pearls, tassels or coloured stones.

4. Pearl Necklace


If you are ever in need of some instant glamour, a string of pearls in your jewel box can provide a quick and effective fix. From Jackie Kennedy to Rihanna, pearls are prized for their mesmerizing lustre and the classic string necklace has been a favourite with movie stars, royalty, and politicians throughout history.

5. Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings add oomph to any outfit – be it an evening dress or an office suit. Ever so versatile, these earrings are a go-to when you are in a hurry to accessorize before heading out. While gold hoops of two-inch diameter are standard, oversized hoops are all the rage this year. If you like to jazz things up, nothing adds a little razzmatazz as diamond-studded hoops – mini orbits of pure sparkling light framing your face.

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6. Diamond Earstuds

Nothing says classic and elegant like diamonds, and a pair of earstuds is the perfect accessory to class-up any outfit. Whether its office attire, casual jeans and tees or a party dress, you can’t go wrong with luminescent diamonds. Choose a size and diamond shape depending on your style – while some prefer impactful large emerald-cut diamonds, others may opt for traditional and petite brilliant-cut studs.

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7. Gold Cuff

Gold Cuff

An everyday essential for every woman is the classic gold cuff (open) or bangle (closed). This all-important accessory adds a touch of subtle glam to your day – whether it’s a morning work meeting, brunch with friends, a stroll with the kids or a casual dinner date. Choose from your favourite gold colour – white, yellow or pink – a gold cuff literally goes with everything!

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8. Charm Bracelet

For those who prefer a bit of bulk on their wrists, charm bracelets – with their child-like appeal – are perfect for some personalized wrist candy. The concept is lovely: you add on your favourite charms as and when you want to fill in your bracelet links. So yours can be as sparse or packed as you like. If charms are not your thing, impactful statement bracelets can do wonders to liven up a standard outfit.

9. Cocktail ring

Let this ring scream you – from the rooftops. A cocktail ring is not daily worn so the more unique and sassy it is, the better. Buy a ring that you instinctively love and let it form the crux of your accessorizing at special occasions.

10. Stackable Rings

Totally fun, easy to put together and cool looking, stackable ring is a trend we love and that is here to stay for a long time. Mix and match gold colours, gemstones, diamonds, and silhouettes to form works of art on your fingers. You can wear as many or as few as you like and switch and swap all through the day and night.

11. Watch

The utility adds extra importance to this accessory – at least that’s what any avid watch wearer and lover will tell you. When buying a good quality and expensive timepiece, you need to make sure it works well with your general fashion style so that it complements rather than clashes with your day to day outfits.

Jewellery is fun and can make or break outfits. These 11 classic pieces of jewellery every woman should own will set you on track for any occasion. And for the guys, we’ve also put together a list of accessories to mix and match with. Read our guide on the top jewellery items for men and how to pull them off in style.