3 Easy Ways to Reuse Your Old Diamond Rings

The term ‘Diamond’ is derived from the greek word ἀδάμας (adámas), meaning unbreakable. Diamonds were first recognized and mined in India along with the alluvial stone deposits of the rivers Penner, Krishna, and Godavari for at least 6000 years.

Since diamonds are used as religious icons in ancient India, they are treasured as gemstones. Their popularity has risen from the 19th century because of innovation, increased supply, growth in the economy, improved cutting, and polishing techniques.

Diamonds can be identified by their high thermal conductivity (900–2320 W·m−1·K−1). They have a high refractive index, but other materials have similar refractivity as well.

Colors in the diamonds are produced from lattice defects and impurities. The lattice in diamond crystals is phenomenally strong. Only nitrogen, boron, and hydrogen atoms are found in significant concentrations. Nitrogen produces yellow and brown color in diamonds while Boron is responsible for blue color. Colour in diamonds has 2 additional sources:

  •  Irradiation-  Produced by alpha particles which causes the green colour in diamonds.
  •  Deformation- Plastic deformation of diamond crystal lattice causes brown and perhaps pink and red diamonds.

Diamonds are everyone’s favorite. No girl can say no to a diamond. Having said that, here are few ways to convert an old diamond ring into a pendant.


Old rings give an ancient touch. They have great value because they are associated with our unforgettable and special memories. For all the jewellery lovers, owning too many rings isn’t a big deal. You can stack up and wear them altogether. You can even flaunt your rings by wearing different ones for different occasions and let them shine on their own.

Here are some suggestions as on how to reuse old diamond rings:

  • Get it modified into a new ring.
  • Redesign it into a pendant, ear studs set etc.
  • Preserve it as a memory of your loved ones.
  • Give it to the ones who are in need of a wedding ring.
  • Use it as a broach on your dresses.
  • Reshape it into a hair accessory.
  • Clean up your old diamond rings


Reusing or using a ring as a pendant is the simple way of wearing an ornament  for multiple ways. You can repurpose your ring into another piece of jewelry by 2 ways-

  • Firstly, by inserting your chain through the ring.
  • Secondly, you can consult a goldsmith and get a new design of your choice.

Look at these two images for clarity. The first image depicts the former and the second the latter.

Inserting your chain through a ring
Insert a chain through your ring
Get a new design for your old ring on a chain
Get a new design for your old ring on a chain.


Turn your old ring into new jewellery and start wearing it in a much more fashionable way. Using sentimental, valuable old stones to make new jewelry will give you an interesting story to tell. 

To use old diamonds in the new ring you can:

  •  Go to a jeweler or a jewelry shop
  • Pick a gold chain or ring or bracelet
  • Ask your jeweler to remove diamonds from the mounting
  • Lay those diamonds on a selected gold ring or a new catalog you are looking for.

A big stone ring on the right hand always looks fashionable bringing sparkle and wit to any outfit you wear. Floral design or modern design will be eye-catching and contemporary.  


Re-inventing or modifying old ornaments is a prevalent trend. Many add a fusion touch to their by combining both trends old-fashioned and modern-designs to produce a new design.

1.    Check the diamond for chips and damage.

2.    Have the diamond removed and graded by GIA.

3.    Determine the correct ring size for the new ring.

4.    Choose a new ring design.

5.    Choose the new setting metal.

6.    Reuse the old setting if possible.


Diamonds never become out-dated or old fashioned as they are always in demand. They never lose their charm and shine. You can always make your old rings look like new by cleaning them with vinegar or baking soda.

Diamonds are really hard to dismantle them after the mounting process, because once they have been created you can’t melt, compress or glue them together. Once your diamond has been cut and polished, it stays like that no matter what!

It is highly recommended for you to visit a nearby jeweler to remove the diamond from its mounting to avoid risk. Because it needs a separate skill and a tool to seperate the diamond from your. Thereby, taking it to an experienced jeweler is always beneficial.

We hope this in-detail guide helped you learn about how to use old diamond rings.

Let us know if you have any questions by commenting below. Always happy to hear from our readers!