What are birthstones? Gemstones associated with your birth month are known as birthstones. Jewelry made from birthstones is usually worn as pendants or rings. A variety of gemstones were considered lucky in ancient cultures and civilizations according to a variety of events. According to historical literature, there are also birthstones associated with each month of the Gregorian calendar. The energy you receive from these stones depends on their origin and can be either positive or negative. The zodiac signs are also associated with specific birthstones. What is the traditional birthstone color for a Libra born in October? Those born under… View Post

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is not just famous for the Charminar, but also for offering some of the best jewellery showrooms in the country. According to historians, all of Hyderabad’s jewellery first belonged to the Nizam himself. Made of the most awestruck silver and gold, the Nizam then started to sell these pieces of exotic jewellery to the government since he could not pay any taxes. As you know buying jewellery is never just a one-stop shop. You will most likely find yourself going from store to store comparing everything from the quality to the price.  We have compiled… View Post

Commitment is a tricky concept, what with all the interpretations and implications. Luckily jewellery that symbolises commitment is not that hard to define. No, we don’t mean the Wedding Ring or the Engagement Ring, we’re talking about their breezier, sleeker, younger cousin – Promise Rings. It’s the ‘in-between’ ring, the ring that represents the invigorating new rush of love, a stepping stone from where great many love stories unfold. What Is A Promise Ring? A promise ring is a pre-engagement ring in the context of a romantic relationship. In most cases, promise rings can be given when a couple has… View Post

The anklet is imperative for any outfit, and remember that it could have all the earmarks of being less complex to wear on a few rings and a great, hanging wrist. So truly consider going for an anklet. However, numerous people could be confused about where to start, remembering the occasion, and the importance of wearing an anklet. The anklet is jewelry that is notable all around the planet as one of the most settled enhancements around, this sort of jewel has procured various ramifications that contrast dependent upon the area or culture they’re seen in. Lower leg jewels, specifically… View Post

Known as the festival of lights, Diwali brings families together for a moment of joy, happiness, and laughter. There are some timeless traditions and rituals that remind us of our roots on this day. It is said to bring peace and prosperity, and is considered auspicious and a day of new beginnings. The tradition of gift-giving has been followed for a long time, and here are some amazing Diwali gift ideas to make your gift this year even more special. The festival is known for its razzle-dazzle, so all of us, big or small, dress up, buy new clothes, and… View Post

Nothing completes the perfect outfit like well-picked out accessories. A drab tee shirt and jeans can be transformed into laid-back cool with some edgy earrings. Or spice up a simple office dress with some sexy ear candy.  Whether bold and beautiful or chic and subtle, we’ve laid out the hottest Earring trends that are already taking over 2020 – keep those eyes peeled and those ears ready. Best Earring Styles for 2020 1.Girl with the Pearl Earring Too often associated with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and jewellery your mom used to wear in the 70s, pearls are back is business. Neat… View Post

Leos are regal individuals, with an aura of royalty that surrounds them. They also enjoy being fawned upon and appreciate material comforts and luxuries. They value loyalty above everything and are extremely generous and giving to those who they are close to. Leo Birthstone: Peridot Leo Dates: July 23-August 22 Leo Zodiac Symbol: Lion Leo Ruling Planet: Sun Leo Ruling Element: Fire Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are passionate beings; Their zodiac symbol, the mighty lion, is the king of the jungle. The zodiac birthstone for Leo is the lush green Peridot that bears a close resemblance to nature’s most loved hue. Leos… View Post