6 Best Men’s Jewellery Items & How to Pull Them Off

Men’s jewellery – now that’s not a term that is used very often.

Men often shy away from accessorizing their outfits; however, a bit of flash adds a hint of class and sophistication to any ensemble. Whether it is the glint of a ring or the flash of a diamond stud, a little bit of bling can go a long way. We let you in on the secrets to getting perfectly accessorized and picking the right men’s jewellery according to your personal style and comfort level. Get accustomed to a little panache and look dapper with our best jewellery accessories for guys. Here is the best men’s jewellery and how to pull it off.

Great Men’s Jewellery Styles

1.The Classic Cuff

The Classic Cuff

Whether you are the kind of guy who has a collection of watches or the type to wear your grandfather’s vintage Omega, you are already familiar with the feel and weight of wrist wear – and here is where it all begins. The classic cuff can make a colossal impact. It’s sleek, minimal yet stylish and aptly opulent.

Choose a cuff in yellow gold, white gold, brass or silver; matte or polished; studded with diamonds and precious gems or plain and simple, slim and sleek or bulky and brawny – it’s all about your dressing style, personality and, of course, what looks good on your wrist.

How to wear: Watch wearers will want to wear their cuff on their non-watch hand to avoid scratching the watch face. For a more laid back hippie vibe, you can add a few leather or fabric bracelets.

2. The Man Bracelet

Once you’ve mastered the art of the cuff, it’s time to graduate to the fun and fantastic class of men’s bracelets. Sure, you may associate this wrist wear with girly bands and sparkly ornaments but there are suitably many styles that can really up the ante on your look. Choose chunky linked chains, neutral colour beads (black beaded bracelets are our current favourite), braided leather or twine with charms that have special meaning to you.

How to wear: Getting the right look can be tricky. We’d stay away from rubber bands and loud colours which run the risk of cheapening your look. Stick to subtle colours and metals that match your watch and other wrist wear.

3. The Subtle Ear Stud

While an eyebrow piercing may still raise a few brows if you work in the corporate world, a simple and small earring or stud adds an edgy cool to your look and is unlikely to give you a second glance from even the most uptight manager. A simple ear piercing job that takes no more than a few seconds with a piercing gun, your ears will likely take six weeks to heal. Go for sleek gold or silver rings, studs or motifs. The benefit is that earrings are relatively inexpensive and you can constantly switch them around.

How to wear: If you’re new to this we recommend starting small – we love tiny diamond studs for the crisp and classy statement they make. Remember, you will have to avoid taking them off for more than 24 hours for six months so they don’t close up.

4. Men’s Rings

Thanks to wedding bands, rings are one of the only jewels that most men are comfortable wearing. But you don’t need to limit yourself to a plain gold band. Rings can hold so much significance and say so much about a person. Wear your lucky gemstone as a talisman, an elaborately carved band if you like tribal print, skulls for goth lovers, or a signet ring to emphasise your uniqueness and stand out in the crowd.

How to wear: If you are new to wearing rings, we’d suggest starting off with one per hand, getting comfortable and then building on your collection. Rings are incredibly personal so take your time choosing the perfect fit for you.

5. Cufflinks and Lapel Pins

Cufflinks and lapel pins are fantastic ways to punch up a regular formal outfit – taking a regular suit from zero straight through life of the party. While cufflinks in metal and subtle designs are most formal, you can jazz up any shirt and tie with the quirky and wild novelty cufflinks now available in the market.

How to wear: Lapel pins come in a range of great out there designs but make sure you pair it with a sober tie so as not to clash. If wearing cufflinks, match them up to your tie to complete the look.

6. Neck wear

Neck wear

Though the word necklace isn’t often associated with menswear, men from cultures across the world wear sacred ornaments and charms around their necks. So it qualifies under men’s jewellery. If you are looking to make a style statement rather than a religious one, you can go classic with a gold or silver chain or edgy with beads or leather rope. Attaching a charm is a great way to personalize your man chain – get yours or your special someone’s initial, your favourite animal or something that has deep symbolism to you.

How to wear: Make sure you try it on first to see that it is comfortable and not pulling on hairs or getting stuck. The great thing about chains is that you can always wear them in your shirt in situations you think may be inappropriate.


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    October 23, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    When I saw the picture of a pair of diamond ear studs, I fell in love with the idea and it reminded me of my fiance who used to wear this a lot back in our high school days. If I wanted someone to have a pair made, I would find an experienced jeweler. Not only will they be able to help me pick out the best design for ear studs but also make sure that the gemstone set is real so that it signifies how much our love has been over the years.