Great Hair Jewellery Trends To Try & Where To Get Them

The last year has seen the comeback of many retro trends from the last few decades. From 90s mom jeans, 80s hoop earrings and 70s bangles, the resurgence of yesteryear’s fads has been in full swing. Hair jewels and accessories are no exception to this rule, with bands, bows and clips making their way back from mom’s old and boxed up trends of yore to onto the heads of celebrities and pages of fashion magazines. Let’s take a look at some of the very fabulous ways to bling out your hair.

Bejewelled Hair Clips

The bane of our youth, hair clips have gone a long way from being the functional accessory necessary to comply with our school’s standards for neatness. Today, the bigger and more inventive the better, with metals, crystals and colour all popular choices by fashionistas. For everyday wear, tiny jewelled hair clips lend a playful touch to a day outfit, and are also a great way to pin down unruly locks on bad hair days. For a formal occasion, deck the hair with gold hair pins, they look stunning and add glitz.

What to Buy:

1. Joker Floral Leaf Ornament

Joker Floral Leaf Ornament

Price: Rs. 349

2. El-Regalo-Metallic-Golden-Bridal Clip

El Regalo Metallic Golden Bridal Clip

Price: Rs. 340

3.  Mango Hair Set

mango Gold Hairclip Set

Price: Rs.790

4. Kalacaree Flower With Bead Work Design Hair Clip

Kalacaree Flower With Bead Work Design Hair Clip

Price: Rs.100

5. Designer Bumpit Hair Pin with Flowers

Price: Rs. 399

Sparkly Hair Bands

Alice bands… popular in the 80s and practically non-existent in the fashion scene since. These chunky hair bands aren’t just great at keeping hair out of your eyes, they’re also very on trend in the style scene. From floral appliques to rhinestones and ribbons, let your hairband be your statement jewellery with quirky designs and funky inspirations.

What to Buy:

1. AccessHer Rhinestone Studded Golden Metal Head band Crown

Price: Rs. 253

2. Blueberry Gold-Toned Leafy Hairbands 

Price:  Rs.499

3. PRITA – Gold-Plated Stone-Studded Hairband

Gold-Plated Stone-Studded Hairband

Price: Rs.275

4. Yashasvi designer golden white enticing Hair Band

Yashasvi designer golden white enticing Hair Band

Price: Rs.199

5. Forever21 Faux Gemstone Cluster Headband

Price: Rs.399

Shiny Tiaras

Crown sparkly tiara

Let the princess in you out with a royal accessory that’s both dramatic and playful. Definitely not day-wear (unless, of course, it is part of your wedding day accessories), tiaras are surprisingly versatile when used to accessorize party outfits.  

What to Buy

1. Aaishwarya Golden Pearl and Stones Leaf Design Tiara

Aaishwarya Golden Pearl and Stones Leaf Design Tiara

Price: Rs.399

2. Aaishwarya Pearls in a Heart Princess Tiara Head Band

Price: Rs.419

3. Crystal / Fabric / Alloy Tiaras with 1 Wedding / Special Occasion / Party / Evening Headpiece

Price: Rs. 824

4. Anuradha Silver Finish Moti Styled Hair Crown Pin

Silver Finish Moti Styled Hair Crown Pin

Price: Rs.625

Embellished Bobby Pins

Embellished Bobby Pins

When you want a bit of pizazz but not too much flash, embellished bobby pins is the way to go. Whether tiny diamantes, flowers or faux stones, use a single pin to elegantly hold your bangs to one side or use several pins in a variety of styles to create a bouquet of colour and sparkle across your head.

What to Buy:

1. B-Fashionable Rhombus Pearl Bobby Hair Pin

Price:  Rs.309

2. Diamond Heart Bobby Pin

Bobby Pins Diamond

Price: Rs. 349

3. Accessorize – Set of 2 White Floral Embellished Bobby Pins

Set of 2 White Floral Embellished Bobby Pins

Price: Rs.458

4. Fully Juda Pins For Bun Decoration

Price: Rs.299

5. Accessorize Set 6 Silver-Toned Embellished Bobby Pins

Silver-Toned Embellished Bobby Pins

Price: Rs. 149

Maang Tikka

This unique and beautiful piece of Indian jewellery was once considered extremely traditional and reserved for Indian bridal wear. Today, however, the maang tikka is back in favour in fashion circles, with women wearing the adornment to weddings, sangeets and other more formal soirees where elaborate indian outfits are the norm.

What to Buy:

1. Tribe by Amrapali – Gold Plated Colored Glass Maangtika

Price: Rs. 3,000

2. Voylla Floral Motif Copper Maang Tika

Price: Rs.699

3. Spargz Gold-Plated Kundan Pearl Chandbali Earrings with Maang Tikka

Price: Rs.1,143

4. Muchmore Alloy Maang Tikka

Price: Rs.845

5. Adoreva Gold Red Green Kundan White Diamond Pearl Traditional Maang Tika Mathapatti Damani

Price: Rs.814


Similar to the Indian Maang Tikka, a headdress can be as subtle – a thin chain with or without embellishment – or as elaborate – think Cleopatra’s headpiece – as you want. You can pair a simple headpiece with stylish and chic outfits or go all out and wear your funkiest clothes with an over-the-top adornment for a fun party or night out.

What to Buy:

1. The Luxor Designer Gold Plated Stylish Damini

The Luxor Designer Gold Plated Stylish Damini

Price: Rs. 349

2. ITS Yellow Gold Pearl Bead Head Chain Bridal Maang Tikka Hair Jewellery for Women

Price: Rs. 199

3. Duchess Of Gold Wohead Pieces

Price: Rs. 314

4. Priyaasi – Gold-Plated Stone-Studded Matha Patti

Gold-Plated Stone-Studded Matha Patti

Price: Rs.600

5. Joker & Witch Golden Coin Head Chain

Price: Rs.299

Flower crowns  

The 70s hippie favourite was all the rage a few years ago but has since lost favour with trendsetters. Simple flower crowns, however, can be a sweet feminine addition to a casual summer dress on a day at the beach or a dinner when on holiday. We recommend the ‘less is more’ rule when choosing a crown – nothing too big and bulky.

What to Buy:

1. Sanjog Flower And Pearl Tiara/Crown

Price: Rs.306

2. Flower Decorated Headband

Flower Decorated Headband

Price: Rs.148

3. Futaba Handmade Floral Crown Flower Headband

Price: Rs.390

4. Pearl Tiara Multicolor Flower Crown

Price: Rs.180

5. Forever 21 Bunny Ear Flower Crown

Price: Rs.599

When picking hair accessories always match them up to your innate sense of style because, if you aren’t comfortable with your choice, you’ll appear uneasy trying to carry it off, too. For those new to the hair jewellery game, start small and gradually graduate to more adventurous adornments as you get more used to the trend.

*prices and availability subject to change