How To Store Jewellery At Home

Gold, diamond and other precious jewellery is expensive and delicate – it needs to be treated and stored with utmost care. Many people do not realize the value of storing jewellery. It preserves its beauty and durability for decades, and even centuries when kept in impeccable conditions.

Unfortunately, we can all get a bit careless when it comes to putting by our trinkets and only see the importance of proper care when our lack of concern stares back at us in the form of a discoloured ring, a scratched gemstone or a snapped necklace.

In order to preserve your jewels’ sheen and craftsmanship, you need to be diligent and systematic with their storage. Don’t just dump them all together into a box or throw them in your drawer after a night out and expect them to continually emerge in prime condition year after year.

In this article, we cover the best ways to store precious jewellery so that you can flaunt your baubles anytime without worrying about what condition they’ll be in when you go to find them. Take a look at the best ways to organise and store jewellery.

How to Organize and Store Jewellery

1. Use a Jewellery Organizer

Jewellery Organizer

Investing in a jewellery organizer is a great way to neatly store jewellery. The closed box with different fabric-lined compartments protects jewellery from harm, dust and discolouration.

While buying a jewellery organizer or a jewellery box, invest in one that has a hard exterior but a soft inner lining made from materials such as felt or velvet. Boxes with soft linings prevent the jewellery from scratches or hard knocks against the box itself in case it falls or is shaken. A strong box with a hard exterior protects all your jewels from damage in case there is a lot of pressure applied to the box.

2. Identify and Sort Your Jewellery into Sections

 jewellery drawer

Shop for jewellery drawer inserts with compartments.  Label the compartments (you can use alphabets or different coloured stickers to indicate the type or how frequently you use a particular jewellery piece). For example, place rings in compartment ‘A’ and bangles in compartment ‘B’. If you are storing gold rings or any other precious jewellery, make sure you wrap them well in a soft cloth or tissue paper.

3. Store Jewellery in a Dry Place with Moderate Temperature

Store Jewellery in a Dry Place

Humidity can tarnish jewellery and stain it, causing it to lose its sheen and beauty. Store your items in areas of the house that are dry and cool. Excess heat can also damage jewellery and gemstones, making them discolour or lose their lustre. Avoid storing jewellery in places in the room that is hot, humid and exposed to direct sunlight.  

4. Store Each Necklace Separately

Store Each Necklace Separately

Place necklaces in an organizer or a jewellery box in its own slot to avoid it getting scratched or damaged. Alternatively, you can hang them from special jewellery hangers that are easily available in stores or online. Pearl necklaces are delicate and prone to scratching, place them individually in a soft cloth pouch before storing them in an organizer or a box.

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5. Lay Beaded Necklaces Flat in Your Draw

Lay Beaded Necklaces Flat in Draw

When it comes to storing beaded necklaces, lay them flat in your draw or organizer. Do this to avoid strain on the links of the necklace. If there’s too much stress on the necklace string it could snap. While laying a beaded necklace in your draw, make sure it is well spread out. If left crumpled, there is a chance of the necklace strand getting entangled and links breaking.  

6. Invest in a Safety Locker

Safety Locker


If you are someone that travels a lot, you might want to invest in a strong and secure safety locker to store jewellery while you are away. This is a must for storing expensive jewellery. It is always preferable to invest in one with a fingerprint safe and those that have electronic codes.

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7. Store Jewellery In Pouches & Ziplock Bags

Store Jewellery In Pouches

Jewellery pouches are specially designed to protect jewellery from harm. They are made from the velvety-soft material that does not scratch jewellery. It is always better to first place jewellery in a pouch before storing it in an organizer or a jewellery box.

You can also use ziplock bags to store jewellery. It is better to store each piece in separate ziplock bags rather than two or more in one bag.


8. Use Large Boxes For Chunky Jewellery

Box For Chunky Jewellery

Chunky statement jewellery will usually not fit in a regular jewellery organizer or into jewellery drawer inserts. To store chunky jewellery you will need to invest in a something larger than a standard jewellery box. There are many boxes available in different sizes for jewels – choose one to exactly fit your statement jewel so that there’s no risk of it getting squashed or damaged.

A little care goes a long way when it comes to taking care of jewellery. And it pays off too. Storing your jewels properly means less trips to the jewellers for cleaning and fixing.


  1. Neha Sharma
    September 26, 2018 / 12:10 pm

    I like to use a jewellery tree for displaying all my favourite jewellery pieces and keeping necklaces tangle free. Simply hang your necklaces, bracelets, and rings from the branches of the tree.