Jewellery Trends: 6 Earring Trends in 2022

Nothing completes the perfect outfit like well-picked out accessories. A drab tee shirt and jeans can be transformed into laid-back cool with some edgy earrings. Or spice up a simple office dress with some sexy ear candy.  Whether bold and beautiful or chic and subtle, we’ve laid out the hottest Earring trends that are already taking over 2020 – keep those eyes peeled and those ears ready.

Best Earring Styles for 2020

1.Girl with the Pearl Earring

Too often associated with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and jewellery your mom used to wear in the 70s, pearls are back is business. Neat little studs or dangling orbs of lustre, pearls are retro chic enough to add a bit of character and, dare we say, class to any outfit. Whether you’re dressing up a casual work shirt and blazer or partying it down in a cocktail dress, a fabulous pair of pearl earrings is an ode to classic, natural beauty – just like its wearer.  In 2020, spice it up and choose the uniqueness of Baroque pearls that come in a range of organic shapes and colours.

2.Animal Instinct

Take a walk on the wild side with one of the season’s hottest fashion trends – animal-inspired jewellery that combines glamour and romanticism with raw animalistic vigour. Peacocks dripping in multi-coloured gems, bejewelled tigers and elephant heads, or glittering snakes hanging off your earlobe – we’re talking about big, bold, statement earrings full of colour and oomph. Because it’s a jungle out there; you’ll need your pack with you.

3.Front backstory

Like an IMAX movie on your earlobe, front back earrings use the behind attachment of the earring to house all kinds of mind-blowing structures, creating a jewel that’s spectacularly three dimensional and fluid. From chic double-sided studs that peak from the back of the lobe to the front to large dangling curtains of sparkle and depth, front back earrings have the ability to immediately up the drama and cool of any outfit.

4. Tassels Tease

Goodbye, pom poms. Hello, tickly, tease tassels! A little bit bold and a lot playful, tassel earrings ooze sex appeal and confidence. Crafted in metals, beads or fabrics, you can go as subtle or over the top as you wish – a chic pair in gold chains or a fanned out fringe in bombastic colours – you can literally wear your mood on your ears. While not exactly workwear, this trend is spot on for evenings out and casual and formal parties. Bonus: tassel earrings lend a gorgeous contemporary touch to traditional Indian wear, too.

5.Mismatched Madness

Steadily gaining ground over the past couple of years, fashionistas are still gingerly approaching this somewhat tricky trend, where a pair of “mismatched” pieces can easily make you look like a scatterbrain who forgot to check herself in the mirror before leaving instead of the en pointe diva you really are. Beginners can try sticking to a common theme between the asymmetrical pairs – wood to wood, gold to gold or twine to tassels. Experimenting with different shapes and forms before switching around base materials will help you master the art of the mismatch.

6.Studs, muffin

Minimalists rejoice! No one can fault you for not bringing out the big guns – tiny, cute studs are all the rage this year. While we still love the mini, ringed huggie that hogged the limelight in 2017, we’re super pumped that fuss-free studs are finally getting their due. Best part: you can club in a whole lot of trends in this simple silhouette – sweet little pearl studs, mismatched moon and star studs, or shout out to your favourite animal with cute cat face studs… the options are endless.

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