Awesome Beach Jewelry You Need On Your Holiday

Ask most people to describe their idea of a perfect holiday is and chances are you’ll hear the word “beach” mentioned somewhere in that fantasy. The beach isn’t just the perfect place to unwind, splash around and get an alluring tan, it’s also the runway for holiday fashion. There are a ton of cute kaftans, sexy swimsuits and summer dresses to flaunt your style with on the shore. Not to mention the super cute beach jewelry! Whether you love those hippie-style beach glass necklaces and bulky beach bracelets or the sleek and elegant gold beach jewelry like body chains and layered necklaces, we’ve got a collection of the most beautiful pieces to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Best Beach Necklaces

A beach necklace needs to be something you don’t spend a lot of money on unless, of course, you are looking for a beach wedding necklace for your own seaside soiree. Under normal circumstances, a beach is a place where stuff can get misplaced or lost easily. You’re playing games on the sand and in the water and focus on the fun. You don’t need to be worrying about your beach jewellery always being on you at the end of the day – even though it most likely will. Choose beach necklaces that are light, comfortable to wear and suit your personal style. Gold coloured beach necklaces look amazing against tanned skin so these are always a good pick. Beach glass necklaces are also very on trend right now.

mango shells bead necklace

Mango Shells bead necklace

Price: Rs.1,190

dic pendant necklace

Forever 21 Disc Pendant Drop Necklace

Price: Rs.399

murano glass pendant

Silvantara 20.90 Grams Murano Glass .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Set

Price: Rs. 1209

DCA multicolor necklace

DCA Multicolor Glass Women Necklace

Price: Rs.186

Turquoise Beach Style Qureshia Necklace

Gempro Genuine Turquoise Beach Style Qureshia Necklace

Price: Rs. 590

Body chain

When you think of beach jewellery that can’t be worn under normal circumstances, it has got to be body chains. These are fun accessories to spruce up your swimsuit or bikini, adding a bit of bling and sparkle. If you’re heading to the beach on holiday and want to stand out from the crowd, you must buy a body chain. Where else can you wear such an outrageously gorgeous piece of jewellery?

 Statement Body Chain

The Bling Stores Bold & Beautiful Statement Body Chain

Price: Rs.350

Toned Body Chain

FOREVER 21 Gold Toned Body Chain

Price: Rs.674

Handcrafted Waist Chain

Thingalicious n.Oxidised Silver-Plated Textured Handcrafted Waist Chain

Price: Rs.770



Price: Rs.800

shoulder chain


Price: Rs.1000

Traditional gold polished kamarpatta

Price: Rs.396

Hoop Earrings

The classic hoop earring has always been the go-to beach jewellery for those who look to keep it plain and simple. From funky colourful hoops to elegant beach wedding earrings in gold, these picks are guaranteed to turn heads in the sunshine.

Handcrafted Hoop Earrings

Jewels Galaxy Gold-Plated Stone-Studded Circular Handcrafted Hoop Earrings

Price: Rs.449

3 pairs earrings

H & M 3 pairs earrings

Price: Rs.499

Tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings

Forever 21 Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings

Price: Rs.539

7 pairs earrings

H & M 7 Pairs Earrings

Price: Rs.799



Price: Rs.1,290

mango embossed earrings

Mango Embossed Hoop Earring

Price: Rs.990

Colourful Earrings

Holidays are the time to experiment with different styles and go wild with colour. Add a rainbow of hues to your ensemble with this jazzy selection of beach earrings.

Asymmetric shell earrings

Asymmetric Shell Earrings

Price: Rs.690

Marble drop earrings

Forever 21 Marble Drop Earrings

Price: Rs.469

Silver Earring

Silvesto India Amethyst Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Earring

Price: Rs.356



Price: Rs.895



Price: Rs.990

Mixed pendant earrings

Mixed Pendant Earrings

Price: Rs.890

Silver-Plated Drop Earrings

Studio Voylla Folklore Silver-Plated Drop Earrings

Price: Rs. 374


Anklets are another fun way to spruce up your beach attire – they go perfectly with sandals and flip flops. Wear on one leg or one on each to add a hint of shine as you prace along the sand.

Heart Key anklet

Pink Hippo Heart Key Anklet Gold

Price: Rs.199

blue metal beady anklet

NaChumbak Blue Metal Beady Anklet for Women

Price: Rs.295

Antique anklet

PRITA Antique Gold-Plated Anklets

Price: Rs. 300

Moon anklet


Price:  Rs.600

Beach Bangles and Bracelets

Wearing bangles on the beach lends an easy breezy vibe to your whole outfit. You can even stack beach bracelets in different colours and widths along with bangles for an edgy bohemian look.

Bangle with pendants

H & M Bangle with Pendants

Price: Rs.699

Combined bracelets pack

Mango Combined Bracelets Pack

Price: Rs.1,190

Combined bracelets pack

Mango Combined Bracelets Pack

Price: Rs.1790

Metal Bracelet Set

Mango Metal Bracelet Set

Price: Rs. 690

Layered Necklaces with One Chain to Avoid Tangling

If you loved the layered beach necklace look but hate the impracticality of getting matched or mismatched necklaces of varying lengths to sit pretty without tangling – good luck with that on the beach! – then this multiple-in-one beach jewelry is the ideal answer. These are also perfect if you are looking for a beach wedding necklace to wear to a sea side marriage ceremony.

Pearl Pendant Necklace

Mango Pearl Pendant Necklace

Price: Rs. 1,790



Price: Rs.845

Coin Pendant Chain

Forever 21 Layered Coin Pendant Chain Necklace

Price: Rs. 469

4-pack necklaces

H & M 4-Pack Necklaces

Price: Rs. 799

Two-strand necklace

H &M Two-strand Necklace

Price: Rs.799

multi necklace

H & M Multi-strand Necklace

Price: Rs.799

double chain necklace

Mango Double Chain Necklace

Price: Rs. 890


If you don’t want to be encumbered by a necklace or earrings while you are frollicking on the beach, a nice set of rings will keep yo

9 pack rings

H & M 9-pack Rings

Price: Rs. Rs.699

Midi & Regular Ring Set

Forever 21 Cutout Midi & Regular Ring Set

Price: Rs. 499

Rhinestone-Encrusted Ring Set

Forever 21 Rhinestone-Encrusted Ring Set

Price: Rs. 499



Price: Rs. 1,590.00

Things to Keep in Mind About Beach Jewelry:

  • Some metals are more likely than others to tarnish with the salty air and water on the beach. Sterling silver and copper are two such metals so expect some of your fashion jewelry to discolour slightly.
  • It’s okay though, you can always rinse it out thoroughly and clean it after. Wash the jewelry you have worn to the beach with warm water and a soap which is not harsh. This will remove all traces of salt from it. Pat the items dry gently and leave them to air till completely dry before storing them in your jewelry case.
  • If you are going for a laid back look, avoid chunky beach necklaces that can mess with your tanning and look too dressy from the sea shore. Those who love bigger jewelry can wear layered beach bracelets or chunky beach bangles for a striking yet effortless look.

*prices and availability subject to change