Latest Gold Necklace Designs You Need For The Party Season

The party season is fast approaching and, in addition to buying and making a plethora of outfits for the many functions the year-end brings, checking out necklace designs and narrowing down on the perfect accessories to purchase is also high priority to look your glitzy best at special occasions.

Necklaces are an integral part to any special outfit. The latest necklace designs are a mix of funky and traditional. If you are on the lookout for a gold necklace online or whether you want to go edgier and are looking to buy a silver necklace online, we’ve put together the perfect guide for the festive season.

Spice up your outfit for this new year by following our guide to the latest necklace designs or go full glam at wedding functions with picks of necklace sets available online. If you are looking to buy a new necklace (or three!) here’s are our top picks and tips to follow before hitting the stores.

Necklace Designs In Gold To Compliment Every Kind Of Outfit  

  • Delicate Pendant Gold Necklace

For those who aren’t big fans of jewellery but still want to look dressy on an evening out, a delicate pendant necklace in gold is perfect. These necklaces are subtle and classy and perfect to add a hint of sparkle to your neckline. What’s best about this style of necklace is that you can pair it with small earrings to match the subdued style or large earrings for a statement look that is not overpowered by too much jewellery.

1. Minimalistic Oval Necklace by CaratLane

Minimalistic Oval Necklace by CaratLane


Price: Rs. 15,712

2. The Throbbing Love Necklace

Throbbing Love Necklace


Rs. 47,839

  • Heavy Gold Necklace Set

If you have a lot of functions to attend then a heavy gold necklace set is a great investment, financially and to up your fashion game. Heavy gold necklace sets never go out of style and are the perfect accessory to traditional Indian outfits. For the latest necklace designs in gold, it is best to check out India’s biggest jewellery brands, which keep updating their styles to suit the season.  

1. Trarithi Nimah Gold Necklace

Trarithi Nimah Gold Necklace


Rs. 374,915

2. ORRA Gold Set Necklace

Rs. 864,600.00

  • Lightweight Gold Necklace Set

Heavy gold necklace sets can be expensive. If your budget doesn’t allow you to splurge too much, or maybe you just don’t dig the style of chunky gold necklaces and earrings, a lightweight gold necklace set is a fantastic compromise. These keep all the glitz and glamour associated with a matched pair of earrings and necklace in gold, while not being too heavy or overpowering your outfit.

1. The Gold Leaf Necklace

The Gold Leaf Necklace

Rs. 1,13,459

2. The Curvilinear Statement Necklace

The Curvilinear Statement Necklace

Rs. 2,42,836

3. Malabar Gold Necklace Set

Malabar Gold Necklace Set

Rs. 83,236

4. ORRA Gold Set Necklace

ORRA Gold Set Necklace

Rs. 60,207

  • Kundan Gold Necklace

A fabulous option for those tying the knot, a Kundan gold necklace completes any bridal outfit. Made even more desirable and famous by its appearance on lead actresses in Bollywood movies, Kundan jewellery is loved by Indian women for its delicate craftsmanship and unique look. An original Kundan gold necklace is artfully made by hand. It is an art form that uses gemstones and glass set between gold foils, forming stunning mosaic-like patterns that are perfectly balanced against the glitter of gold.  

1. Glass Kundan Necklace Set

Glass Kundan Necklace Set

Price on Request

2. Malika -E-Gul Kundan Jewellery Set

Malika -E-Gul Kundan Jewellery Set

Rs. 420,948

3. 138.000g Kundan Polki Necklace Set in 22 kt Gold

Kundan Polki Necklace

Rs. 1226383

  • South Indian Gold Necklace

One of the most popular designs to pick from is South Indian jewellery, for its powerful and distinctive look. For example, Kasu Mala is a gold necklace that translates into ‘Gold Coin Necklace’. The gold necklace is made up of small coins with Lakshmi insignia. They are linked on a chain in a design that makes them overlap slightly, giving it a distinctive and beautiful look. South Indian temple jewellery necklaces are available in many different lengths, from short necklaces that can be worn with western or Indian wear to occasions to longer ones that are usually worn by brides decked out in traditional South Indian attire on their wedding day.

1. Pourvika


Rs. 112,900

2. Kadambini Chandraharam Gold Necklace

Kadambini Chandraharam Gold Necklace

Rs. 99,937

  • Floral Gold Necklace Design

Nature-inspired jewellery is all the rage in the fashion world, both globally and in India. Floral designs are among the top gold jewellery trends to follow. There are several floral gold necklace designs to choose from delicate necklaces with a few petite blooms in gold or embellished with diamonds and precious stones, or large statement pieces that host a bouquet of flowers and buds in elaborate and intricate designs.

1. The Freida Necklace

Freida Necklace

Rs. 58,504

2. Filigree Gold Necklace

Similar to the floral gold necklaces mentioned above but more delicate in design and intricate in craftsmanship. Filigree is an exquisite type of jewellery that uses gold or silver to produce lace-like patterns. This type of metalwork is extremely delicate and is a great option for those who aren’t fond of heavy jewellery but want something equally stunning and impactful.  

3. Malabar Gold Pendant

Malabar Gold Pendant

Rs. 11,399

4. Sophia Rose Necklace

Sophia Rose Necklace

Rs. 12,951

Looking For A Necklace Set? Here’s What To Keep In Mind  

If you are looking to buy necklaces, whether a necklace set online or in store, you’ll want to get the best value for your money. Here are our top tips to look for when buying a necklace:

Looks & Fall

  • Aesthetically, this is your primary lookout when buying a gold necklace. The design should be something you love and will want to wear for a lifetime as gold is a costly investment.
  • See how the necklace falls on the model wearing it to get an idea of how it will look around your neck.
  • Check the length of the necklace to see whether it will sit at the right level for you.

Design & Craftsmanship

  • Once you finalise on a jewel you like, check carefully for the craftsmanship of the jewel.
  • The necklace should not have any rough edges, nicks, bumps or scratch marks.
  • The polishing should be even and smooth.
  • Check that the links to attach the necklace are easy to use and smooth in function.

Certificates & Guarantees

  • Check the retailers guarantee for the gold used. Does it come with a certificate or does the website assure the quality of a certain level?
  • Go with bigger brand names as their large customer base ensures that their quality is up to the mark and charges are not exorbitant. See the best brands to buy jewellery.

Weight & Market Rate  

  • Check the weight of the gold necklace mentioned online or get it weighed in the store and compare it with the current price of gold. Factor in making charges as well to see whether you are being charged a reasonable amount.
  • If you are not familiar with buying gold, read this article on how to buy gold to make a confident decision.  

Necklace Design: All About Necklace Length

We’ve all tried on a necklace only to discover that its particular length does our outfit or frame no favours. Necklace length plays a huge role in complementing an outfit. It is also a matter of preference. You may prefer a necklace design that is short and rests close to your neck. Some women prefer to buy necklaces that are long and flow even below the breastbone.

Whichever necklace design you choose, first think about whether the necklace matches your neckline of the outfit and see that the cut off length is flattering. Here’s a quick guide to discerning how long you can expect each style of necklace to be:

  • Collar Necklace: 12 – 14 inches length
  • Choker Necklace: 14 – 16 inches length
  • Princess Necklace: 16 – 18 inches length
  • Matinee Necklace: 20 – 22 inches length
  • Opera Necklace: 30 – 36 inches length
  • Rope Necklace: 36 inches or more length

When buying a necklace online, keep in mind that sizes vary from brand to brand. The exact length of the necklace will depend on where you buy the designer necklace online so check the product details carefully. Most fashion necklaces or designer necklaces online will usually come with adjustable lengths, so you can tweak it perfectly to suit your liking. Buying jewels of precious metals such as gold necklaces and silver necklace online can be a little tricky as adjustable links may not be provided – make sure you read the length details carefully and roughly measure it to your neck with another chain or pick of a string before your purchase.  

Where To Buy Necklaces Online?

For many, the hassle of going to the jeweller takes the fun out of buying new pieces. Today, you have a wide range of gold necklace designs at a variety of price points to choose from right from the comfort of your own home. Whether it is the latest necklace designs, a heart necklace or a bridal gold necklace, all the top brands have websites where you can browse through hundreds of products, filter for exactly what you want depending on jewellery type, price, occasion and more, and have the pieces delivered to your doorstep. Here are some of the best places to go gold necklace set shopping online:

For traditional jewellery, visit stores synonymous with wedding jewellery such as bridal gold necklaces. Some brands include:

1. Malabar Gold & Diamonds

2. Kalyan Jewellers

3. TBZ

4. Senco Gold & Diamonds

If you are looking for a range of modern silhouettes and the latest necklace designs in gold, there are our top picks of websites that house a good range of contemporary gold necklaces along with more traditional pieces:

1. PC Jeweller

2. Tanishq

3. Orra

4. CaratLane

5. Bluestone

For a complete list of the best online and physical stores to shop for jewellery, see this article on the top 10 jewellery stores in India

*prices and availability subject to change


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