The Best Navratri Jewellery Styles & Brands to Shop

Navratri, one of India’s most-loved festivals, is right around the corner. Characterized by worship and dance, the exact translation of the word ‘Navratri’ from Sanskrit is ‘nine nights’ and it is those nine consecutive nights where all the fun and festivities take place.

In addition to the worshipping aspect of Navratri, the festival is enjoyed because of the opportunity to dress up and go out dancing in all your finery when performing the traditional Gujarati dance called Garba.

Jewellery is also bought to go with these fabulous traditional ensembles in an array of hues. From single tone silver to colourful fabric pieces and even gemstones and gold, accessories play a huge role in offsetting the perfect outfit while dancing the night away. Here is our top Navratri jewellery to buy this festive season.

Here are our top Navratri jewels to buy this festive season.

1. Oxidized jewellery

oxidized jewellery

Oxidized jewellery is a   favourite. The beautiful jewellery goes extremely well with Indian outfits and is versatile enough to be worn throughout the year with casual or party clothes. The best part is that the attractive silver and black tones complement all colours so you don’t have to worry too much about matching your jewellery to your ensemble’s main colours.

  • Where to buy:

One of the favourite collections of oxidized silver jewellery is Amrapali Tribe signature collection. The brand Amrapali Jewels, founded in 1978 in Jaipur, is known for its fabulous traditional jewellery and their Tribal inspired pieces are beautifully crafted, classic yet trendy.

Anuradha Art Jewellery and Dhoomkharidi are both budget-friendly options where you can find a wide range of costume jewellery that’s perfect for Navratri. Featuring colourful gems too, these accessories are perfect to add some bling to your Navratri outfits.

2. Gemstone Jewellery

gamestone with oxidized

If you are really looking to follow the Navratri colours perfectly, wearing jewels adorned with colourful gemstones corresponding to the colour of the day is as good as it gets. Most of the top jewellery brands in India have their own birthstone jewellery collections from which you can choose beautiful jewellery set with gorgeous colourful stones. Some jewellery brands even have the option of interchanging the gemstone it is set with, making it a versatile option to use through the festive season.

  • Where to buy:

Candere, a Kalyan Jewellers company, has a beautiful collection of gemstone jewellery that is dedicated to Navratri, with pendant and earrings sets that come with a range of interchangeable gemstones so you can have many different looks with the same jewel. Another high-end brand you can buy precious stone jewellery from is CaratLane and Bluestone. Tanishq also has a birthstone collection called Uttara from which you can choose gold jewellery set with stones in a variety of colours. For more budget options, browse through websites such as and fashion websites like Myntra.

3. Pom Pom and Fashion Jewellery

 pom pom jewellery

Nothing is as colourful or playful as these trendy necklaces that comes in a wide range of fun colours. Bursting with energy and life, the great thing about pom pom jewellery is that they’re nowhere near as expensive as buying gold or silver but are totally on trend for being some of the best jewellery you can wear for Navratri. Besides the trendy pom poms, fashion jewellery offers a host of options without having to break out the big bucks. And with so many options online these days, coordinating your necklace to your chaniya-choli will be a breeze.

  • Where to Buy:

Pom pom jewellery is all the rage and you can go looking for it on small jewellery and accessory shops or may come across it being sold by street vendors on roads that sell merchandise such as fashion street in Colaba in Mumbai or Delhi Haat near the INA metro station in Delhi. Bigger department stores such as Shopper’s Stop also keeps a wide range of fashion accessories. You can find a huge variety of pom pom and other fabric necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more through online fashion store such as Ajio and Myntra.

4. Art Jewellery

Art jewellery

This Navratri, try something a bit more experimental and unique when you are looking for jewellery. Art jewellery combines the craftsmanship and finesse of traditional Indian jewellery making with a touch of modern aesthetic through its striking design and use of colours and materials. Choose from stunning silhouettes fashioned out of gold, silver, metals, ceramics, beads, fabric and more; and all in a variety of distinct designs. If you are looking to stand out in a crowd, art jewellery is definitely an investment you should consider. And because it is not typically traditionally, these jewels can be used in a range of social occasions for years to come, meaning you don’t have to keep them packed and solely use them for the festive season.

  • Where to buy:

Look for boutiques in your city or town that sell handmade jewellery. Brands such as Shaze (physical and online store), Sia Jewellery (physical and online stores) and Aquamarine (physical stores in Mumbai) sell stunning original designs. You can also buy online from fashion stores such as Craftsvilla and Voylla.  

Top Picks To Buy Navratri Jewellery: High-end


1. Candere

Candere, a Kalyan Jewellers company has a beautiful selection of jewels with interchangeable gemstones, so you can match your bling to your outfits.

2. Bluestone

If you are looking for something extravagant for the festive season, Bluestone has a good range of jewellery. Check out their Rainforest Collection to add some colour to your ensemble.

3. Tanishq

Browse through their birthstone collection called Uttara if you’d like to purchase some colourful jewellery for Navratri.

Top Picks To Buy Navratri Jewellery: Mid-Range

1. Amrapali

For traditional and tribal-inspired oxidized jewellery, Amrapali has some stunning designs at prices that don’t break the bank.

2. Shaze

Shaze has wonderful statement jewellery in a variety of styles. Some pieces can be pricey, but the designs are unique and striking.

3. Sia Art Jewellery

Here you will find a number of beautiful collections which are reasonably priced and beautifully crafted in different metals and stones. They also have physical stores.

Top Picks To Buy Navratri Jewellery: Budget-Friendly

1. Fashion Websites

Check out the fashion jewellery collections on websites such as Amazon, Myntra, Voylla and Ajio for good, economical options. Websites such as also have great picks.

2. Anuradha Art Jewellery

For budget-friendly costume jewellery that’s perfect for Navratri.

3. Dhoomkharidi

Good prices with a wide range of colourful gems, perfect to add some bling to your Navratri outfits.

4. Johareez

Here you can get great colourful silver and gold jewellery. Look at their Navrata section for the best options.

Navratri Jewellery: Style and Trends
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Navratri Jewellery: Style and Trends
Navratri is the most popular festivals in India. And of course, you do not want to miss the chance to rock your style this Navratri. make sure to not miss these stunning jewellery styles to enhance your Navratri look.
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