Newly Launched: Enchanted Garden by shazé

Premium fashion brand shazé recently launched their new collection, Enchanted Garden, inspired by feminine floral forms and evergreen leaves.

The collection is a gently shimmering sea of sparkly delight. It combines metallic hues in rose, silver and gold tones, with cubic zirconia in contemporary floral designs that are striking and unique.

Using intricate floral work, delicate leaf motifs and life-inspired designs, the shazé Enchanted Garden jewellery makes a statement, without being overpowering and bulky.

If you are looking for elegant and graceful jewels full of femininity and life, these trendy adornments are perfect for a night out or a fancy soiree.

Prices start from Rs. 2,000 onward and the jewellery is available online and in stores.

Delicate Three Toned Bud Ring (Rs. 2,790)


                Sharp Three Gold Lead Earring (Rs. 4,900)


The essence of the collection

The delicate iridescence of flowers, the delightful glory of lush leaves and the mesmerizing visage of butterflies – nature is filled with muses for designers of modern jewellery. Laburnum, Jasmine or Rose – the enchanting appeal of these flowers are eternal. shazé takes inspiration from these soul-touching visuals and transforms them into artistic jewels – a creative interpretation of nature’s most beautiful displays.

The brand has aimed this collection at women who love to flaunt their unique and free spirits. The soft curves in contemporary silhouettes illustrate the strong femininity that embodies the nature of today’s modern women.

Sparking Gold Leaf (Rs. 5,590)
Three Toned Circular Earrings (Rs. 5,370)


Versatile designs to suit all personal styles

Inspired by the flawless silhouettes and enchanting colours of fresh flowers, the jewellery has been finished in gold, silver and rose-gold accents. The three-toned pieces from the collection are sure winners for versatility, as they style well with a variety of hues, and can blend well with your individual sense of style.

Using intricate floral work, delicate leaf motifs and life-inspired designs, the shazé Enchanted Garden jewellery celebrates exotic new forms in the world of fashion.

Three Toned Blooming Floral Necklace Set (Rs. 15,990)
Three Toned Petal Earrings (Rs. 4,110)
                                        Three Tones Triangle Ring (Rs. 2,160)                            
Triple Toned Loop Earring (Rs. 7,090)


Reinventing the classics

This reincarnation of classic ornaments into contemporary style will highlight your elegance, grace and femininity. Steal the show with the trendy adornments designed to luxuriously wrap around your wrists, dangle off your earlobes or gently brush your collarbone, exuding a glitzy floral elegance.

The collection also features bold, statement floral pieces, which have been designed to add an element of mystique and highlight your inner diva. High on style quotient, the floral-inspired pieces bring a freshness to your outfit, just like the sweet and delicate fragrance of flowers.

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