The Best Signet Rings For Men

Signet Rings for Men

Remember the usual connotations associated with men’s signet rings? Posh, conservative, stuffy, and so on and so forth. 

Gone are the days when signet rings were just for the aristocrats. These days, the best signet rings are for every man and woman and the best part is that they are no longer just inheritable, but fully buyable. That indeed brought a smile to your face as now you have some nice choice too!

Let’s have a close look at some of the best signet rings that you can buy with just a few clicks.

Akitsune Minimalist Signet Ring: If you have always been in the hunt for something vintage and sophisticated, the Akitsune Minimalist Signet Ring will win your heart hands down and in absolutely no time. This amazing minimalist signet ring made of stainless steel is a wonderful addition to your collection. You can choose the Gold Minimalist Signet ring for men that is designed for men who prefer their jewellery plain and simple.

Fendi FF Signet Ring: The Fendi FF Signet Ring has the word elegance written all over it. This stunning signet ring quite rightly echoes the 1970s-tinged brown colour palette of the SS20 runway show of Fendi. Crafted with a signature FF monogram in a signet-inspired shape, the Fendi FF Signet Ring is a perfect entry point into all-time classic jewellery.

Bottega Veneta Gold-Plated Signet Ring: The Bottega Veneta Gold-Plated Signet Ring, which is a beautiful cast from gold-plated sterling silver ticks all the hallmarks of a contemporary choice.

David Yurman Onyx Signet Ring: Want to have a masterpiece that you can embrace for years because of its fine details and excessive splendour? Trust David Yurman Onyx Signet Ring and complete it with a general sense of royal entitlement.

Vitaly Pryde Two-Tone Signet Ring: When it comes to quintessential men’s signal rings, the Vitaly Pryde Two-Tone Signet Ring is worthy of the extra attention. The timeless design of this mixed metal piece is simply unbelievable.

Thomas Sabo Gold Disc Signet Ring: Empowered by elaborated details, this contemporary designer jewellery is something you will want to personalise without even a second’s wait. The simple and polished look of this signet ring is sure to keep your heart missed a few beats at first glance.

Alice Made This Brass Signet Ring: Take a bite out of your bling with the Alice Made This Brass Signet Ring. It is a killer masterpiece that will complement any outfit.

Lanhi Men’s Simple Square Gold Signet Ring: The best part about the Lanhi Men’s Simple Square Gold Signet Ring at the first glance is that it actually hints out a vintage aesthetic without being vintage. An excellent choice for every season and reason, this gold signet ring will surely make you feel proud every time your eyes embrace it.

Beaverbrooks Cushion Signet Ring: The Beaverbrooks Cushion Signet Ring is an excellent companion for adding a bit of royalty and elegance to your outfit. Unarguably, it is one of the best men’s signet rings for sale as of now.

Hancocks Bloodstone Rose Gold Signet Ring: Can a stunning piece of statement jewellery also fall under the category of a minimalist category? Well, as the Hancocks Bloodstone Rose Gold Signet Ring proves, the answer is a big yes. This elegant piece of perfection is not going to get lost on your hand for even a fraction of a second.


Let us now read about the shapes of signet rings.

Shapes of Signet Rings

Primarily, there have six options to choose from when it comes to the shape of the signet rings.

  1. Round: The round-shaped signet rings have a round bevel and the size of the ring can vary according to your preferences.
  2. Straight Oval: Straight-oval signet rings are probably the most common type of signet ring. It features a wide oval and is characterised by a very traditional look.
  3. Oxford: This signet ring can be best classified as a square bevel with rounded corners, much on the lines of a cushion shape.
  4. Octagon: The Octagon-shaped signet ring, which features eight sides, is quite distinctive with a very geometric appearance and feel to it.
  5. Bulbous Oval: The Bulbous Oval shaped signet rings are best described as heavy, large signet rings that are quite chunky and have large sides along with a more traditional look to their credit.
  6. Cushion: A popular shape during the Victorian era, the cushion-shaped signet rings are the most popular after the straight oval.

Traditionally, the signet ring is worn on the non-dominant hand’s pinkie finger. So, for instance, if you are right-handed, the signet ring would go on the little finger of your left hand and on the little finger of your right hand if you are left-handed. In France and Switzerland, signet rings are worn on the right finger of the left hand and the right finger of the right hand, respectively. These days, there are no rules to abide by and anything goes. Ideally, the signet ring’s insignia is worn facing out towards the world as it is generally argued that the primary purpose of the signet ring is to announce a signature identity.

Truly, a signet ring is more than just a ring as it represents individual and traditional values. Don’t forget to buy signet rings for yourself and your loved ones this season as they are iconic masterpieces for trendsetting men and women. Make this holiday season a memorable one by buying a stunning signet ring now.