Best Valentine’s Day Jewellery To Buy

Valentine’s Day is a day when all the romantics at heart are busy planning an eventful evening or daytime date to be spent with their special someone. If you are looking for the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your lady love, what better way to show your appreciation than a beautiful jewel. From rings to bracelets, necklaces to earrings, we’ve put together the best of the best Valentine’s Day-themed jewellery. Check out these amazing pieces as well as details on where you can buy them below.


Rings make the perfect romantic gift on Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind that gifting a ring doesn’t have to spell marriage. There are a wide range of promise rings and fashionable gold rings and imitation jewellery that you can choose from to gift to your partner. Here are some of the best rings you can order online just in time for Valentine’s Day.

1. The Arcilla Ring

Arcilla Ring

Price: Rs. 18,473

2. ATJewels Elegant Couple Heart Couple Engagement Wedding Ring

Heart Couple Engagement

Price: Rs. 4,599

3. Meenaz Jewellery Diamond Silver Solitaire Rings

Meenaz Jewellery Diamond Silver Solitaire Rings

Price: Rs. 269

4. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him – Roman Numerals Band Ring

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - Roman Numerals Band Ring

Price: Rs. 2,915


A girl can never have too many pairs of earrings, which is what makes this gift perfect for any occasion. Keep a close eye on the style your partner likes. Does she wear simple studs or blingy chandelier style earrings? If you are still confused, ask her girlfriends or sisters her preferred style and pick within that genre to ensure it is a gift she will treasure and wear.

1. PC Chandra Jewellers Valentine’s Day Yellow Gold 14kt Stud Earring

Valentine's Day Yellow Gold

Price: Rs. 5,038

2. Beyoung(tm) blue long dangle water drop element set luxurious crystal fashion earrings

Price: Rs. 2,485

3. Candere By Kalyan Jewellers Contemporary Collection .925 Sterling Silver and Diamond Stud Earrings

925 Sterling Silver and Diamond Stud Earrings

Price: Rs. 4,769

4. Estelle Floral Shaped Earrings Combo

Estelle Floral Shaped Earrings Combo

Price: Rs. 425


Bracelets make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift as there are so many styles to choose from. Whether your special someone lives chunky bangles or delicate bracelets, you can always find something that she will love.

1. Shining Diva Platinum Plated Light Pink Austrian Crystal Charm Bracelets

Light Pink Austrian Crystal Charm Bracelets

Price: Rs. 299

2. Girlz! Valentine Day’s Special Blue Swarovski Element Double Heart Love Pendant Necklace With Chain

Double Heart Love Pendant

Price: Rs. 614

3. Young & Forever Silver Plated “Romantica Collection” Engraved Lock And Key Bracelet Pendant Necklace Set

Romantica Collection

Price: Rs. 1,228

4. Titanium Steel Lovers Bracelet

Titanium Steel Lovers Bracelet

Price: Rs. 518


A gold necklace is an elaborate and excellent gift for any occasion. If you don’t have the budget to splash out on precious metals, we’ve selected some more pocket-friendly and beautiful options that any woman would be proud to wear.  

1. Malabar Gold Necklace

Malabar Gold Necklace

Price: Rs. 18,985

2. Romantic Jewelry Valentine Day Special Two Piece Two Half Heart Alloy Pendant

Half Heart Alloy Pendant

Price: Rs.172

3. New Blossom Dark Lily Necklace Set

Price: Rs.999

4. Valentine Day Jewellery Charm Pendant Heart Necklace Silver Chain Indian

Heart Necklace Silver Chain Indian

Price:Rs. 2,286

Engagement Rings

Valentine’s Day is perfect for popping the big question. If you are planning to propose, first thing about the type of engagement ring your future wife would like. Ask around and read a guide on buying an engagement ring to make sure you get your value for money. Here are some of the best engagement rings available online.

1. Caratlane Promise Solitaire Ring

Caratlane Promise Solitaire Ring

Price: Rs. 32,307

2. The Nabha Ring

Nabha Ring

Price: Rs. 47,902

3. Tanishq 22KT Gold Circle Finger Ring

Tanishq 22KT Gold Circle Finger Ring

Price: Rs. 5,129



Price: Rs. 16,808

*prices and availability subject to change

Not sure how to pick a Valentine Day gift? Here’s how to pick the right present for your relationship

Valentine’s Day gifting can be a doozy to manoeuvre for the best of us. Sure, there are a lot of gifts, but how to choose one that best suits your relationship? First rule: you can’t go wrong with a little bling. Second: you need to know your audience (of one, presumably). We’ve put together the best gifts for your special someone taking this into account. To get it right, read on to find the best jewellery you could gift your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

Best Jewellery For Valentine’s Day

A Pendant for The Girlfriend

valentine_ chain

A pendant is a perfect present for your sweetheart. It doesn’t reek of commitment like a ring would, so you won’t come on too strongly if you’re new to the relationship. Even so, a thoughtful trinket to be worn around the neck strongly conveys the “I really like you”. Pendants are so customisable too – get her favourite animal, her birthstone, an angel (like she is yours), a horseshoe (for luck), a simple diamond (classic and elegant) or something else she connects with. Are things getting serious? Take the plunge with and splash out for a heart-shaped pendant – nothing says ‘I heart you’ like a heart on a chain.

A Watch For Your Fiancée

Presuming you did good on the engagement ring, topping a stunning solitaire may be out of your league right now. The solution: choose a different league – get a gorgeous timepiece she’ll cherish. Whether your gal loves all-gold, is crazy about stainless steel, likes the bling of crystals or a minimalist in leather, a watch is a great ‘timeless’ V-day gift that you can choose to match her personality.

An Eternity Ring For The Newly-Married Wife

You’ve just pledged your love in front of God and your families – now cement it with a ring. Another one? Yes, but the symbolism and sweetness behind eternity rings is so romantic, it’ll sweep her off her feet. Eternity rings are simple sleek bands in gold studded with a single row of diamonds. It’s a never-ending sparkling circle to represent a love that lasts forever. Choose rose, white or yellow gold according to your lady’s preference. And you don’t have to stick to diamonds either – many eternity bands are now set with coloured stones such as rubies and sapphires to represent a truly one of a kind union.

A Charm Bracelet For The Wife

This is a no-brainer that will be saving you from gifter’s block for years to come. A charm bracelet is literally the gift that keeps on giving (by taking). It starts off with one cute little trinket that carries personal significance to its wearer attached to a simple linked chain. Another year, another trinket. A heart to signify love, an anchor for your rock, a sun for a beach bum – the options are endless, heartfelt and shows you’re in it for the long haul.

Pins For Your Crush

Okay, be cool. You don’t want to go overboard with this. Presuming she’s in your current circle of friends or at least knows you exist, keep it casual but thoughtful. Hard brief? Not if you choose a cool pin. Yup, that’s like a brooch but for young people. It can have words, animals, clouds – you name it they sell it (usually online). Whether it’s a cute cactus (for a warm introvert), or sassy cat (for the outspoken radical), a teeny tiny pin says “Hey, I know you like cats, let’s maybe be more than just friends”.

A Friendship Bracelet For Your Bestie

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This one is optional. But before there were girlfriends and boyfriends and spouses, after there were breakups and during waiting for ‘the one’, we’ve all shared Valentine’s Day with great friends, boisterously swearing off relationships – so let’s celebrate them too. Remember friendship bracelets from school? Well, take that 10 levels up – go for gold, silver or leather. Choose a sleek, unisex design that won’t clash with other jewellery  – like the classic wedding band but for friends. A ‘kada’ silhouette will let you engrave something appropriately sappy that you will cherish 20 years down the line while you wonder where time flew.

So there you have it, guys! Jewellery gift ideas for this Valentine’s for that special someone in your life. Do let us know how she took it?

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