Oxidised Jewellery – All You Need to Know

Oxidised Jewellery

Feel like a gypsy queen out to conquer the world with your rustic charm. Dazzle onlookers with a kitschy display of pastoral glamour. When you feel the need to do your best tribal avatar, oxidised jewellery is what you need. It oozes the kind of antique, raw, wild charisma that women find irresistible. It adds a generous dash of vintage goodness that is utterly enticing.

Mix it up with flowing prints, sheer blacks, pure whites, fierce monochromes or pastel ensembles, oxidised jewellery always delivers the bang for the buck.

What is Oxidised Jewellery?

What is oxidised jewellery

Oxidation in silver or sterling silver occurs due to exposure to oxygen over a period of time in a pressurized atmosphere. Jewellery made with oxidised silver exudes an old-world charm and does not contain the regular lustre or sheen of other metals, but has a unique metallic texture that makes it look rare and antique,

The blackish finish is given to silver jewellery by purposely exposing it to air that contains sulphur or immersing it in potassium sulphide. The jewellery made through this technique stands out and can be made with ethnic, traditional or geometric designs paired with precious and semi-precious stones or complemented with other metals like bronze, copper, gold.

Why is Oxidised Jewellery Popular

oxidised jewellery popular

Oxidised jewellery is high in demand due to its archaic appeal which when worn plays with shadow and light on fabric, giving the wearer an ethereal appearance. Oxidised statement necklaces, earrings and rings made with tribal motifs are popular among fashion-savvy women.

Other than the aesthetics, oxidised jewellery looks glamorous while being relatively affordable and cost-effective.

What Kind of Oxidised Jewellery is Popular and Trendy?

Oxidised diamond ring

Oxidised jewellery is the first choice of women who adore the feisty, ethnic, folksy ‘rarer than thou’ look. You may have already noticed women with an artistic or creative bent of mind wearing oxidised jewellery often. To state this as un-stereotypically as we can, think of a high profile literary critic, an independent artist and a budding hipster musician at a high browed literature or art festival, chances are all of them  may be wearing oxidised jewellery. Women who appreciate the boho and hippie looks prefer oxidised jewellery too.

Otherwise, in regional or festival circuits, oxidised jewellery is immensely popular during navratri and cultural festivals. Foreigners interested in Indian tribal hand-made jewellery make a beeline to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Odisha or Bengal for the best regionally-made fashion oxidised jewellery. The original proponents and wearers of oxidised jewellery are the tribal folks of any region, including but not limited to Rajasthani Banjaras, the gypsy people, the Native American tribes, ethnic hill tribes, African and Asian tribes.

Usually oxidised necklace and earring sets are paired with traditional outfits or sarees, but don’t confine oxidised ornaments to just these attires. You can mix and match different Indo-western or modern sartorial styles like a rainbow skirt with a cotton tank top and pair it with chunky oxidised necklaces, or wear a strapless gown with geometric or animal/floral themed oxidised choker and big bracelet cuffs of oxidised silver. Or else, just go with classic oxidised gemstone pendants or totemic oxidised earrings paired with daily work wear. The options are many and the more you experiment with oxidised jewellery, the more creative you can get with your outfit pairings.

Popular Oxidised Jewellery Styles

Oxidised earrings

  • Bracelets

Big, bold oxidised silver cuffs that almost reach the elbows are a popular tribal style, along with stacked oxidised bangles, plain and embellished ones

  • Rings with Stonework

Chunky statement rings with gemstones, opal, sapphire, topaz, etc. with intricate filigree work are popular.

  • Oxidised Statement Necklaces

Major head turner with loads of oomph, oxidised statement necklaces and chokers with tribal, floral, animal and geometric motifs are all the rage

  • Oxidised Metal Earrings

Danglers, chandeliers, crescent moon-shaped statement jhumkas, and floral motifs with inlaid coloured stones are popular oxidised earring styles

  • Oxidised Anklets

The foremost adornment for a traditional attire, oxidised anklets go well with all regional styles

  • Oxidised Pendants

Go goth, punk, tribal, folk, or vintage with statement pendants woven in oxidised silver chains, colored threads, shells, jute,  titanium, or colored metals

How to Buy Oxidised Jewellery

Geometric oxidised cuff bracelet

The good news about oxidised jewellery is you can buy it from anywhere, flea markets, online, at jewellery stores, souvenir stores or your city’s local markets. Styles are versatile and options are endless. Regular silver jewellery would require constant upkeep due to its tarnish-prone nature, but the blackened silver look is the USP of oxidised jewellery so you won’t need to clean it for a shine. But if you’re conscious of the clash between the shades of the silver and your skin tone, try them on physically before ordering similar shades online. Inspect each piece before spending money, to see if the metal is sturdy as opposed to bendable, or if the stonework or enamelling is firmly set.

Buying cheap oxidised jewellery for a short-term wear or a single wear is not a cause for concern, but if you’re planning to make it a daily or regular wear, make sure you buy it from a trusted jeweller. Hard wearing oxidised jewellery will cause its blackened look to disappear over a period of time and the true silver will appear. In such cases, take it to the jeweller for a re-blackening touch-up.

Where to Buy Oxidised Jewellery

Oxidised necklace set

If you’re keen on buying high fashion designer oxidised jewellery, look no further than Tribe by Amrapali. Their oxidised silver jewellery with unique and conceptual designs are one of the best in the world. Fab India is another famous brand that sells handmade rustic, tribal oxidised jewellery which numerous women swear by. One of the best online stores for beautiful oxidised jewellery is Rustic Kandangi, which sells affordable oxidised jewellery in a variety of styles.

Some of the remarkable online stores to buy amazing oxidised jewellery from are Velvet Case, Tjori, Bottega Veneta, Jumkey, World Art Community, Romoch, Silberuh, Tribes India, Izaara, Hayagi, Mirraw and Voylla.

Inspiration comes in many forms. Be adorned in classic and antiquated styles accentuated by finely made traditional oxidised jewellery, team up the latest haute couture with statement oxidised jewellery, or simply go boho chic in concept oxidised jewellery. You could experiment with all looks complemented by oxidised jewellery, you couldn’t go wrong.