7 Important Things to keep in mind while buying Jewellery Online

Important Things to keep in mind while buying Jewellery Online

There used to be a time when shopping online was just a dream. Ever since it has been introduced everything can be purchased online; grocery, apparel, footwear, fruits, vegetables, and whatnot. Have you ever wondered that now you can purchase gold jewelry online? Yes, you read that right. It is as easy as eating a pie; you just have to be careful about small things. Some people fear shopping for the jewelry itself, forget shopping online. The price is not even the bigger concern; the knowledge is. Below are some points that you need to keep in mind while buying jewelry online and there is no scope for any mistake.

  • Product specification

This consists of a lot of things that include metal type, metal purity, stone details, product dimensions, and more. Some products look so amazing that you want to own them at any cost but are the specifications up to the mark?

For example- the purity of metal plays an important role in pricing and thus, you should always check the purity before spending your hard-earned money. Other than that, check the stone specifications as well; the things to be checked are color, clarity, weight, number of pieces, and so on. In the case of a diamond, see if the diamond is of premium quality.

  • Check for authenticity

This is also one of the most important factors that you need to check before buying jewelry. Check whether the platform provides hallmarking and certification. If yes, it is always good to know which type of certification is provided. Before you buy anything, learn to identify Hallmarking on your jewelry and what should your jewelry certification mention. These two things will ease your jewelry buying process a lot.

  • Check contact details

Websites offering precious jewelry should not hide their contact information and should be transparent about it. Think twice, if the only option to contact the website is the email ID. A reputed and authentic jewelry seller provides address details, a phone number, and a chat option as well so you can contact them anytime.

  • Return and exchange policy

Check whether the product you are buying has a return or an exchange policy or not. Since you will be buying something very expensive, you should always go through the return and the exchange policy briefly. If the return and exchange policy are not mentioned, write to the seller and wait for their response before buying anything. Do not take any decision in the dark. For buying jewellery online visit Tanishq & use the coupon to get better deals

  • Delivery scheduling

Before actually going to the payment method, make sure you know how soon will your product be delivered. Check it before placing the order and make sure you are at your home when your order arrives. It can save you from last-minute frustration. Order from a website that offers a tracking ID so that you could know the exact whereabouts of your order. Also, avoid asking someone to collect it on your behalf; this can misplace your order and you might suffer a huge loss.

  • Check the making charges details

Purity and Hallmark are important factors that need to be checked but making charges are as important as them. This increases your product’s cost a bit and your budget might be affected. Make sure you get a detailed bill so you know exactly how much you are paying for the making charges and the GST as well. This also helps one to identify how much money you are paying for stones or diamonds in your item. 

Check for an authentic bill

Although most websites do offer a valid bill but make sure you buy your product from a website that offers authentic bills. This way you will know the clarity of your stone and metal, return and exchange policy, and more. If not stated, do not purchase anything from such a website. Try to get the maximum details of your product so that you don’t face any problem while you try to sell it.

It is an old saying; It is better to be informed than to be disappointed. Buying jewelry is as easy as buying anything else but it does need a little piece of knowledge. You should know about a little specification and keep the above pointers in mind. There are many advantages of buying jewelry online including the ease and the discount. Therefore, the next time you have to buy anything in this category, choose online rather than the traditional way of jewelry shopping.