Aquarius Birthstone is Amethyst. All You Need To Know

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign of the twelve zodiac signs. Despite having the word ‘Aqua’ in its name and represented by the ‘water bearer’, Aquarius is actually an air sign. Surprise, surprise 🙂 

Aquarius Birthstone: Amethyst

Aquarius Dates: January 21-February 20

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol: Water Bearer

Aquarius Ruling Planet: Uranus

Aquarius Ruling Element: Air


Traits of Aquarius

An Aquarius mind is original, always alert and looking to be stimulated. That is why those born under this sign can become complacent and lack motivation if they’re not wholeheartedly interested or mentally stimulated in their endeavours.  

The birthstone for Aquarius is the beautiful Amethyst, which is said to lend a stabilizing effect to the personality and temperament of Aquarius, a sign that shys away from expressing emotions and can sometimes seem aloof and uncompromising.

Amethyst is said to have a positive effect on many aspects of Aquarius life. In addition to their own personalities, their relationships and business also benefit from wearing these gorgeous stones.

Aquarius Birthstone Colour: Purple

Amethyst Ring

Amethyst is best known for its stunning purple colour. However, the stone comes in various tones and saturation of the hue. As its colour is similar to their of wine, the stone was linked to the god of wine Bacchus – according to ancient Greek tales. Amethyst was worn in the past with the belief that it kept its wearer sober and away from intoxication. People thought of the stone kept them focused and their senses sharp, whether when fighting battles or negotiating deals.

The colour purple is also often associated with royalty and precious amethysts have been used in royal jewellery for centuries. The stone was once as valuable as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, commanding huge sums. This was before huge deposits of the stone were found in Brazil in the 19th century.

Benefits of Amethyst 

Amethyst is said to enhance the communicative nature of those born under this sign, promoting their ability to work effectively with others toward goals or projects – both personally and professionally. This is especially impactful in group situations where the stone is supposed to aid its wearer’s ability to work with his or her companions as a whole, encouraging productivity through a marvellously united effort.

Amethyst is believed to help Aquarians handle tough situations in a more thought through manner. It calms the mind and gives its wearer a clearer vision of the obstacles and path ahead.

The stone is also said to make its somewhat reserved Aquarian owners more open to the suggestions and advice of others, helping them adjust their behaviour to suit situations in a more beneficial way.

People claim that Amethyst also has healing properties such as relieving headaches and body pains. It helps with sleep disorders such as insomnia and also aids blood circulation in the body. We obviously don’t have any scientific studies to back these claims, so please do your own research on this.

Amethyst is the primary birthstone for Aquarians. However, garnet and Jasper are two other stones that positively influence the lives of their Aquarius born wearer, easing out the problems that crop up in their life path.

Aquarius Birthstone Jewellery


Almost every well-known brands have a collection of birthstone jewellery. Whether online or in stores, big names or standalone boutiques, zodiac birthstone jewellery is extremely popular and in demand. For those in India, try online stores such as CaratLane, BlueStone, Tanishq and Amazon, which all stock beautiful Amethyst jewels in a range of styles and prices. See our reviews on the best jewellery stores in India, where you can shop for birthstone jewellery.

International stores such as Macy’s,, Zales, and Etsy are good places to shop for Amethyst jewellery, keeping pieces across price ranges. For more lavish jewellery or gifts for special occasions, have a look at the collections at Jared, Bluenile and Tiffany & Co.

Amethyst is a gorgeous stone that, thanks to its availability, is not as pricey as ruby or sapphire. Purple is the colour of royalty and wearing jewels in Amethyst lends a regal touch to any attire. If your zodiac birthstone is Amethyst, a beautiful pendant, bracelet or ring can add a stunning and meaningful sparkle to your jewellery collection.

 Have fun, Aquarians! 🙂

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