Diamond is the Aries Birthstone: Know The Benefits

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, are confident and passionate. Those born under this sign are enthusiastic and optimistic, determined to do what they set out to achieve and courageous in their personal and professional lives. The Aries birthstone Diamond, too, reflects these brilliant personality traits – the sparkling, valuable and hard diamond is an apt representation of these born leaders.


ARIES DATES: March 21-April 19




However, in their quest to forge ahead, Aries can sometimes be impatient and short-tempered, and can often come across as aggressive in their manner when their moodiness gets the better of them – just like the hardness that is associated with diamonds.  

Aries are constantly on the lookout for bigger and better things and are highly competitive beings. This determined fire sign is an expert in multitasking and strives to be the best in both their work lives and among their social peers. This can sometimes lead to them being impulsive, acting on their plans and feelings without thinking things through.  

Aries Birthstone Colour: Sparkle and Shine

diamond ring for Aries

Aries, perhaps, have the most glamorous of zodiac birthstones. The diamond may be the most well-known precious stone and it is coveted by women and men for its beauty, properties and value.  Diamonds are also the hardest material in the world. A real diamond (click here to know how to test whether a diamond is real or not) is 58 times harder than anything else naturally found on earth.  

White or colourless diamonds come in a range of colour qualities, ranging from D to Z (D being colourless and the best and Z having a slight brown tinge). For an in-depth understanding of diamond colour and other factors that affect its appearance and value, read our guide on how to buy a diamond.

Besides white diamonds, the lucky stones for Aries also have rarer varieties such as shades of pink, blue, green, yellow, brown, and even black. These colours appear due to traces of other chemical elements contaminating the carbon-based stone during its formation.  Nevertheless, because of their beauty and rarity, coloured diamonds of good tone and saturation are highly valued.

Diamond is the main Aries zodiac stone. However, those born between March 20 and April 21 may also benefit from adorning themselves in Jasper and Topaz as well as alterntives to diamonds.

If you are looking for ways to clean your existing jewellery, check out our guide on how to clean diamond rings.

Aries Star Sign Birthstone: Diamonds & Their Benefits

The diamond is associated with eternity, everlasting love and is often used as a symbol to represent a special bond between two people. It is an extravagant gift that  holds great importance not just for its monetary value but also for it’s symbolism.

According to Hindu texts, diamonds were said to be formed from lightning bolts hitting the earth. Diamonds are believed to give their wearers a keener sense of clarity. These valuable, sparkling stones are said to bestow wealth, joy and health to those who it adorns.  All these qualities sync with the stone’s intrinsic beauty, aesthetic and character.

Much like the characteristics of the zodiac sign Aries, the diamond too represents resilience and courage, determination and a strong will and endurance to reach goals.

Physically, the diamond is believed to ease certain ailments that Aries may face. These include diseases of the brain, infected wounds and illnesses related to the pituitary gland. Moreover, besides being stunning to look at, diamonds are thought to increase the positive energy within an aries individual, helping its wearer in many aspects of their life.

Aries  Birthstone Jewellery: Where to buy Diamonds

Diamond Earrings for Aries

Diamonds make for classic and formal jewellery. It’s the top choice for engagement rings and popular for wedding jewellery and anniversary gifts. That’s not to say you can’t buy yourself a diamond ring or bracelet to mark your birthday or any special occasion. After all, wearing a zodiac birthstone is a wonderful way to adorn yourself with something meaningful and supposedly beneficial to your well being.

Diamond jewellery is extremely easily available in stores and online. Make sure you go to a reputed jeweller. Indian websites such as CaratLane and Amazon are good places to browse. Or check at physical stores like these best jewellery stores in India.

If you are staying out of India, stores such as Zales, Macy’s, Amazon.com, Bluenile.com and Etsy sell zodiac birthstone jewellery of all types, including those with diamonds.

Birthstome Jewellery for Aries

The allure of diamonds is as strong today as it has been thousands of years ago. The most beautiful and powerful stones on earth, diamonds are extremely symbolic and make a stunning impact on any type of jewellery, from rings to necklaces, earrings to bracelets. Though expensive, a simple pair of diamond earstuds or a modest aries birthstone ring featuring a single diamond makes a subtle but impactful style statement that is especially meaningful to those born under the aries zodiac sign.

Stay happy, Aries folks!


  1. Amrita
    December 3, 2018 / 11:06 am

    how can you tell if a diamond is real?

    • jeweladmin
      December 3, 2018 / 11:28 am

      Hi Amrita,
      When shopping around, always ask for certification. This guide on how to test a diamond can also help you make sure your diamond if real.