The Best Wedding Rings for Men

Wedding and engagement rings are beautiful to behold. If you want something to spice up your love and commitment, a round gem around that finger is the way to go. A wedding ring is the most precious piece of jewellery you can have in your lifetime. It is a symbol that represents many words like, taken, bonded, owned, devoted and loyal.

Yet, generally, most men don’t think twice about wearing an engagement ring. In most cases, men are concerned with what looks beautiful on their ladies. By the way, hats off for making sure she’s elegant but don’t you think it’s better when you also have a ring to match hers? She also wants a classy guy holding her palm with an equally classy ring.

That being said, picking a wedding ring is never an easy task—the market is flooded with all sorts of metal pieces of jewellery: genuine and clumsy dummies. There can be a lot of confusion when picking a ring from the design, size, and presentation. Finally, as close as the ring is to your love life, you don’t want to land on one that gets damaged all the time. Does that pose a dilemma to you? We’ve sampled a list of the best non-traditional, durable, and affordable wedding rings for men.

1.   ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring

Source- roqaction

In most cases, men have involved in manual jobs, and safety is what comes first. A silicon wedding ring is specifically designed for men who engage in physically demanding jobs such as firefighters, heavy plant operators, and military personnel. A silicone ring is a ring you need to pick to ensure chances of injuries are reduced for such cases.

2.   ThunderFit Silicone Ring

Source- thunderfit

Like in the first ring, the silicone ring works best for physically engaged men. So if you need to get soiled but still come out with your ring, this is what you need. They are resistant to water and chemical reactions. If you are into the pool and beach business, get your hands on a silicone thunder fit ring. Additionally, this silicone ring is hypo-allergic. If your skin is sensitive, a thunderfit silicone ring is a bliss for your wedding.

3.   King Will Tungsten Carbide Ring

Source- kingwill

Dance to your wedding songs with the accompaniment of this King will ring around your arm. It boasts the most scratch-resistant metal-made ring to date. If you get involved in extreme duties and still need a beautiful ring, you have a ring for your wedding. King will Tungsten ring is the best alternative to the traditional ring. It comes with a golden coat that’s elegant to match.

4.   GemoneDiamond Men’s Classic Wedding Ring

Source- Gemone

If you want a little bit of a twinkle, this ultra-sharp diamond ring is for you. It is a two-stone diamond displaying a ray of four well-trimmed diamonds. It also features over-layered edges that glitter with luminance skillfully designed to capture a long-lasting outfit. Merge this diamond wedding ring with a bridal band and enjoy an excellent fiery brilliance.

When choosing a wedding ring, ensure the material, size, shape, and durability are what perfectly fit you. Lastly, if it is in your budget. Before making an order, check what suits your pockets. It doesn’t mean you go for the least, but most of the listed men’s classic wedding rings in this write-up are of good quality and within a good price range. 

5.   TIGRADE Titanium Ring

Give life to your love with this titanium ring. Are you looking for a metallic yet light ring for your big day? Tigrade Titanium gets you sorted. Titanium metal beats all odds, scratches, and rust without changing color for decades. Talking of blend, this titanium wedding ring matches platinum more than white gold. Though this ring is resizable, it usually comes comfortably fitting. Slide it easily over the knuckle and make less friction.

6.   Shuremaster Tungsten Ring

When you purchase an expensive ring, the worst thing that happens is when you lose it. However, from time to time, we remove it, still exposing it to theft. If you land on a wedding ring carrying the same features at a relatively lower price, will you still be so much worried? The next on our list is this tungsten carbide, a perfect pick for a wedding gent.

It’s a real jackpot. It features a sturdy make, elegant and possesses a long-life yet cheap and trendy. Get the tungsten carbide ring, and boast a watermarked “I love you” screen engraved inside. It is the best gift for your anniversary or wedding.

7.   Bondwell Silicone Wedding Ring

Source- bondwell

Talking of bond well ring for men, the word that emerges next is “charity”. Well, 10% of purchases of the bond well rings are channeled to charitable organizations, which later is used for helping divorcing couples rise to love once more. I guess this is a good idea for a ring. It features several masculine hues that will blend excellently on your wedding day.