Garnet is the Capricorn Birthstone. Know The Meaning

The Capricorn birthstone is Garnet.

Capricorns are characterised as some of the most determined and dedicated personalities of all the signs of the zodiac. Give yourselves a pat on the back! 🙂

Capricorn Birthstone: Garnet

Capricorn Dates: December 21-January 20

Zodiac Symbol: Goat 

Capricorn Ruling Planet: Saturn

Capricorn Ruling Element: Earth

These individuals born between December 21 and January 20 are usually high achievers, they’re highly ambitious and resolute. At the same time, Capricorns are pragmatic and always ready to help those in need. I know this because my sister is Capricorn and she goes all out to help her friends and family. God bless Capricorns!

Capricorns have a gorgeous zodiac birthstone in garnet, which is versatile and extensively used in jewellery.

Let’s go deep to understand the Capricorn birthstone – Garnet.

Capricorn Birthstone: Garnets and Their Meaning

Garnets are said to attract the energy of planet Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorns, helping those who wear it prosper and lead a more aligned lifestyle – mentally, spiritually and physically.

Capricorns naturally seek out the approval of others to help them feel worthy, which explains why many of them are workaholics. They also tend to be pessimistic and suspicious in nature – doubting the praise or approval they do obtain.

Wearing a garnet can balance out unwarranted feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt and help a Capricorn forge ahead in their life’s path in a more relaxed and confident manner.

Garnets, especially red garnets, are also said to increase sexual drive and protect against certain types of depression and negative thoughts.

These stones aid a person’s stellar characteristics and help them see the bigger picture with more clarity and better problem-solving skills. They’re known to have a positive impact on the personal relationships that Capricorns hold so dear.

In addition to personality enhancements, garnets are believed to aid with the healing and protection against certain physical ailments as well, including lung infections, heart disease and blood issues.

Capricorn Birthstone Colour: A Variety Of Hues

colors of garnet

Capricorns are lucky in that their zodiac birthstone is garnet, which isn’t limited to a single colour like ruby or turquoise. Garnets come in a variety of hues such as red, orange, green, pinkish-orange, purplish reds and, less often, shades of blues.

Garnets are easily available in the colour red, making these the most popular choice for buyers. They’re often called by other names in their different colours.

For example, a green garnet is known as a tsavorite to gem connoisseurs – these are rarer than red garnets and can be more costly to buy.  

Garnets have been used in jewellery for thousands of years. Millennia ago, red garnets were worn as necklaces on Egypt’s pharaohs. These prized jewels were laid to rest with the pharaohs in their tombs – they believed they would take their precious jewellery along with them to the afterlife.

Garnets were also used by ancient Romans and in the middle ages where it adorned men of god and royalty.

Garnet is the main zodiac birthstone for Capricorn. However, those born under this sign may also benefit from wearing sapphire, blue topaz, onyx, turquoise and ruby.

Capricorn Birthstone Jewellery

Garnets make wonderful jewels because of their wide range of beautiful colours.

Zodiac birthstone jewellery is extremely popular world over and brands across price points usually have several options of Capricorn birthstone garnet jewellery.

You can buy gemstones on Amazon. Or visit physical stores like these best jewellery stores in India.

International buyers can check out stores such as Zales, Macy’s,, and Etsy for Zodiac birthstone jewellery with garnets.

All the best, Capricorns!