Top 10 Essential Fashion Bracelets

Dainty or bold, subtle or shiny, the bracelet on your hand matters! Out of all jewellery obsessions that women are privy to, bracelets are surely in one of the most coveted categories.

Bracelets can reflect your personality – they look pretty, they feel good and, every now and then, you get to steal loving glances at them. But just what type of bracelet matches your personal style? And what new style of bracelet would you like to buy next? Find out with our top 10 styles of bracelets that every woman must know about.

  • Wrap Bracelet

Wrap Bracelet by MingHandmade

Single and multi-layered cord bracelets that form intricate criss-cross patterns over your hand. Get an orbit of chaotic beauty wrapped around your hands. These can be made of beads, leather, or precious metals and stones.

  • Cuff Bracelet

Wrap Bracelet by MingHandmade

Hanging low on your wrist, but far from low-key, cuff bracelets don’t form a complete circle; they have a slight gap. Women tend to wear more than one on each hand. Transparent Lucite bracelets and statement gold cuff bracelets are all the rage now.

  • Woven Bracelet

Woven Bracelets by CaiMonkeyCrafts

These are delicately embroidered, woven or macrame bracelets that may be paired with stones or charms. They can be made of threads or strings, leather cords or fabric scraps and ribbons – think friendship bracelets. High-end designer interpretations include those in rose gold and precious metals.

  • Beaded Bracelet

Bead And Shell Bracelet By Isabel Marant

These are some of the most endearing, bohemian and beautiful styles of bracelets. Made from colourful round, square or triangular beads in stone, shell, wood, metal or plastic, beaded bracelets are popular among all women – high-school girls adore them and hippie chicks dig them.

  • Charm Bracelet

Leather & Gold Tone Charm Bracelet By ChloeA potpourri of trinkets and pendants known as ‘charms’, the charm bracelet is one of the most common bracelets you will find on a girl’s wrist. It’s fun to make them yourself and equally fun to buy quaint and adorable charm bracelets from a flea market. Oversized charm bracelets with timepieces, photo pendants, and colourful shells make quite a statement.  

  • Personalised Bracelet

 3D Printed Bracelet With Seattle Skyline

A trend on the rise. A personalized bracelet can be a name bracelet – a simple chain on which your name is engraved – or a bar on a chain with your name or a personal motto on it. The newest trend in personalized bracelets is 3D printed jewellery. You can customize any design of your choice on a bracelet.

  • Link Bracelet

Gold Link Bracelet By Tiffany’s

Chunky and bold, link bracelets are usually made by fine jewellers such as Cartier and Tiffany’s. Gold is generally the main material used, linked together, to make a link bracelet, with gems, pearls or diamonds sometimes adorning the metal. The ‘links’ that form a chain are an essential part of the design. Link bracelets can be petite in size too.

  • Tennis Bracelet

Kenneth Jay Lane Tennis Bracelet

A stylish and high profile bracelet, the tennis bracelet is made with a series of diamonds, set in platinum. The unbroken row of sparkling diamonds makes the tennis bracelet an exquisite piece of jewellery that women adore.

  • Leather Bracelet

 Punk Leather Bracelets By

Leather bracelets are so edgy they represent all alternative styles – goth, punk, hipster, grunge, emo. Be that as it may, the girl next door loves leather bracelets too. Try them in the wrap, bead and cuff styles – they always stand out.

  • Birthstone/Gemstone Bracelet

Assorted Gemstone Bracelet By RSTDesigns

Wouldn’t you love some shiny, vibrant and soothing gems and crystals on your wrists? Get a gemstone bracelet. These can be multi-coloured with ruby, sapphire, diamonds, opal, turquoise or amethyst. There’s no end to the varieties of gemstones you can adorn your hands with. Alternatively, try bracelets that feature your gemstone associated with the birth month for a meaningful jewel.

Whether you’re a free spirit or a delicate dame, whether statement jewellery complements your personality or understated jewellery defines your style, these bracelet styles will make you swoon.


  1. Nikita
    October 26, 2018 / 11:08 am

    Great info. I love wristwear and I’ve seen a lot of stunning handmade bracelets in flea markets around the world. The uniqueness and craftsmanship always amazes me. I know have a huge collection!