A Guide To Statement Jewellery

Good statement jewellery toes the fine line between classy and cheesy, between awesome and absurd. Even in-you-face, big statement necklaces can look effortless and cool if worn with the right outfit… and attitude.

A dazzling diamond statement ring or chunky statement bracelet can do wonders to a simple outfit, upping your style ante from drab to fab, instantly. Casual ensembles like jeans and a t-shirt can hit a style homerun when paired with impactful statement earrings – lending a hint of personality to fuss-free attire. In fact, statement jewellery is all about personality – yours, that is. The pieces you choose need to reflect your individual sense of style.

Outfits matter when you are picking statement jewellery

outfit matters for statement Jewellery

Picking out the right outfit is vital to showcasing your jewels without presenting an overpowering style. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Simple ensembles are your best friend if you are wearing loud and colourful, large statement rings, bracelets or chunky statement necklaces. Monochrome outfits provide the perfect canvas to showcase your statement jewellery.
  • Diamond statement jewellery goes best with formal occasions such as weddings. These sparkling stones go well with any outfit – whether chic and sombre or quirky and colourful.
  • If you are wearing a casual outfit – a day dress or jeans and t-shirt – go with more out-there, fun styles and experiment with materials such as ribbon, cloth, beads and wood.
  • For evening wear, go with deep, rich colour over bright, light hues. Match your statement jewellery with equally dramatic makeup for a bold, striking effect.
  • Don’t overpower your outfit by wearing multiple statement pieces. Wear just one standout statement jewel to dramatic effect. If you want to wear more, choose subtler, smaller background pieces.

Styles of Statement Jewellery

Let’s take a look at some of the main styles of statement jewels. Many of these types overlap and cross into one another to produce unique amalgamations of styles and trends.

  • Chunky Statement Jewellery

Chunky Statement Jewellery

We’re talking big, bold, large jewels that make, well, a statement. These large statement necklaces, bracelets or earrings may have unique shapes, asymmetrical design or be in a range of unusual materials or textures, naturally drawing attention to itself. Whether classic metals and precious stones or funky materials and fabrics, chunky statement jewellery is a classic choice to highlight your personal style. A fun and trendy way to play around with this type of jewellery is to wear a dramatic brooch if you want to try something other than the more traditional jewel pieces.

  • Metal Heavy Statement Jewellery

Metal Heavy Statement Jewellery

If you love the sheen and lustre of metal, this is the kind of statement jewellery for you. Whether gold, brass or silver, chunky metal jewels have an edgy, cool vibe. Popular styles are thick linked jewels in gold, bohemian coin necklaces in silver and large dulled bronze statement earring in hammered two-dimensional shapes. One useful rule of thumb is to pick one metal colour scheme and build on that through your overall accessories to striking monochrome effect. Free free to mix and match metal shades as well, but keep the outfit monotone. For example, a chic white outfit can benefit bronze earrings, a big, bold statement necklace in gold and rose gold statement ring silhouette with stackable rings.    

  • Sparkling Statement Jewellery

Sparkling Statement Jewellery

When it comes to sparkling statement necklaces, rings or earrings, we say, ‘Go big, or go home’. Sparkle and shimmer aren’t limited to carat-heavy, designer statement necklaces dripping in diamonds – out of reach to most of us. Though, we love diamond statement rings (if you do have the resources, here’s a useful article on how to shop for diamonds). Fashion statement necklaces and other jewellery uses metals and stones to wonderful effect, effusing bright sparks of colour and sparkle as you move with your jewellery. We love feminine shades of magenta, pink and purple stones interspersed in intricate gold settings. Precious stones such as Amethyst, Citrine and Rose Quartz are not overly expensive and make a great choice for eye-catching statement rings.  

  • Pearl Statement Jewellery

Pearl Statement Jewellery

Pearls are a classic choice of adornment that never goes out of style. Chunky pearl statement brackets or large pearl statement studs or drop earrings are a beautiful addition to any day, or evening outfit. An exaggeratedly long string of pearls, wrapped in tiers around your neck, makes for a dramatic statement necklace with an alluring retro vibe. You can add a bit of style and old-school sophistication to any ensemble with pearl jewellery – even casual attire gets a snappy, modish upgrade with lustrous pearls. So rifle through your jewellery stash and clean your precious pearls – it’s time to take those babies out.

  • Charm-based Statement Jewellery

Charm-based Statement Jewellery

From butterflies, horseshoes and seashells to Om symbols and crucifixes, motif jewellery resonates because it gives us the ideal opportunity to showcase your style and beliefs through beautiful trinkets. Charm jewellery is generally chunky and can be metal-based, or it explores a variety of colours, materials and textures to produce some delightfully original and personal designs. Charm jewellery works best with everyday, casual outfits, lending an edgy vibe to jeans and t-shirt combo or some bling to a low-key dress for a lunch date or meeting.    

  • Fabric-heavy Statement Jewellery

Fabric-heavy Statement Jewellery

All types of fabrics, such as lace, ribbons, silk, twine and mesh are all used to great effect in fabric-based statement necklaces. These materials are often intricately crafted with ornaments, stones and metals to form alluring jewels (usual necklaces) that are large and impactful. The leather is another fabric that is often featured, maining on the wrist, for statement bracelets. Tassel earrings are all the rage, too. Very bohemian and laid back, this trend is easy and fun to replicate through DIY jewellery.  

  • Modern Statement Jewellery

Modern Statement Jewellery

Angular, bold and edgy, modern statement jewellery demands attention and attracts admirers for its striking lines and fantastical designs. One of the newest trends in this area is using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to make jewels that look both futuristic and stunning. Materials are limitless – from metals such as silver, gold, copper, bronze and brass, to plastics such as polyamide, and ceramics.

Check out how to perfectly pair your statement necklaces with different necklines.

Tips on How to wear Statement Jewellery

Experimentation is key to obtaining your signature statement jewellery style. Here are some tips to nudge you in the right direction

Get Graphic: Team up graphic tees with a statement necklace in a varying tone for a rockstar look. Or pair your favourite tank top and distressed jeans with chunky statement bracelets or heavy metal danglers for some edgy contrast.  

Go Vintage: Pearls and classic silhouettes in exaggerated sizes and designs are a gorgeous way to dress up an outfit for an evening out. Think of an elaborate necklace with a cameo pendant or a thick, multi-layered pearl bracelet paired with a little black dress.   

Hippie Chic: Show your free-spirit with some boho-inspired statement jewellery. Heavy on beads, fabric and fringe, these statement pieces go best with floaty dresses, peasant tops and flowing maxi skirts. Bangles and bracelets look great in this style.

Work it out: Add a little zing to your standard work outfits with a colourful statement necklace or chunky statement earring. You don’t have to go over the top; stick to pastel tones and avoid extremely bulky silhouettes.      

Geometric No-brainer: Geometric shapes and designs are one of the easiest ways to play around with statement jewellery. It looks chic, arty and on point, and goes with almost any kind of ensemble.


There’s nothing that’s off limits when it comes to picking out unique statement rings, blingy statement bracelets and stunning statement necklaces. Carrying off statement jewellery requires confidence, which is inevitable when you are in love with what you have chosen.