All You Need To Know About Kids Jewellery

What pops into your head when you hear ‘kids’? Diaper rashes, toys, homework, playdates, candies and a whole lot of tantrums! But kids and jewellery? Hardly. You’d think that kids and jewellery are not particularly a good match. And you’d be right too. Kids, as kids should be, are playful and carefree, not particularly good at handling delicate items like jewellery. But think again. Kids, especially little girls, love to play dress-up and it won’t be long before they start taking interest in jewellery and even demanding you buy them their own.

Parents from various cultures around the world adorn their children with jewellery from a young age. Cultural traditions and religious beliefs are the main reasons why infants, as well as older kids, are made to wear jewellery. Many parents and guardians also like to buy jewellery for their children for personal reasons like birthdays or religious festivals, milestone celebrations and simply because their kids love jewellery as much as they do.

When is it appropriate to buy jewellery for kids?

‘Gotta catch ’em while they’re still young? Sure, but not while they’re too young.

It’s not advisable to put certain kinds of jewellery on infants for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss the risky business and get it out of the way.

There is the hazard of accidental choking if you make them wear chains. Studs may create the risk of scratching or cutting the flesh of the infant’s earlobe. Baby bracelets or anklets can catch and snag everything around the baby and cause scratches or bleeding.

But, there’s a simple solution – deck the little devils in snag-free jewellery that is safe and harmless. More on that later.

Another way to go is to buy them jewellery when they are over the age of six or seven years. They are more aware of how to handle their belongings and can verbalise their discomfort if they find themselves in a jam with their bling.

What safety measures should be taken while making kids wear jewellery?

1. Infants and kids absorb nickel, lead and cadmium more than adults and these are harmful to the kid’s internal organs as well as skin. So do not buy any kind of artificial jewellery without knowing what it’s made of. Also don’t let your artificial jewellery near your young ones, lest they chew on it and ingest the toxins.

2. When buying studs for your little ones, make sure you get screw-backs so there is no chance of swallowing.

3. Make sure your baby is not allergic to any metals. Choose 14k gold, platinum or gold plated jewellery. If you’re not sure whether to trust your child with precious jewellery, get the leather, beads or macrame jewellery.

4. Jewellery for kids should be non-intrusive so that they can play and move around freely.

5. Buy snag-free jewellery with safety clasps.

What is not appropriate for children to wear?

Don’t buy pageant jewellery for kids, no baby needs to be a grown-up before its time. If your kids insist on buying flashy or young adult jewellery, explain to them that now is not the time for them to wear such jewellery.

Don’t buy over the top fashion jewellery for kids such as dangling earrings or statement jewellery, it makes the child look precocious and is unfitting during the formative years.

Interesting Jewellery Options for Toddlers On Their Special Day

1. Jewellery gift on birthdays and festival 

Toys and clothes make for a great gift, but do gift meaningful jewellery to children. You’d be surprised how excited they would be to receive their first piece of jewellery.

    • Buy nature and animal-themed jewellery.
    • Buy heart-themed jewellery to show love.
    • Take them along for jewellery shopping if they’re old enough to choose their favourite styles.
    • Choose small to medium sized studs and small hoops and nothing that gets in the way.
    • Get birthstone jewellery, including rings, bracelets and necklace sets.
    • Get jewellery with cartoon characters as pendants for boys (Winnie the Pooh, Bart Simpson, Popeye, etc.)
  • Get princess themed jewellery for teens (tiara, crown, fairytale princesses, etc.)

2. Milestone gifts

There are various milestones in a child’s life. Developmental milestones such as when your child starts to communicate or grows taller, academic milestones like the baby’s admission into kindergarten or other achievements, social milestones e.g. when the child makes a new best friend at school, join a little league, among others.

    • Get ID jewellery like name necklaces or bracelets.
    • Get photo necklaces with photos of the family inside.
    • Get your child’s favourite sports idol or superhero modelled into a design and get 3D printed jewellery. That makes for a meaningful and precious gift. You can buy these online too.
    • Get personalised jewellery with baby’s fingerprint or handprint on a pendant.
  • Get friendship bracelets and rings.

Popular in kids jewellery

Check out a guide-in-pictures on some of the most amazing and meaningful kids jewellery to shop for.

1. Earrings for Kids

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Popular styles in the earring category are screw-back earrings, stud earrings, small hoop earrings, huggie earrings. Designs that usually go well in earrings are dolphins, beetles, roses, emojis, strawberries, sun and moon.

2. Necklaces for kids

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Pick from stylish pendants in rose gold, 14k yellow gold, or sterling silver chains. Pendant designs can be birthstones,  unicorns, disney princesses, ballerinas, bears, monkeys, stars, infinity pendant or the all time favourite heart locket.

3. Bracelets for kids

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Best styles are charm bracelets, name bracelets, birthstone bracelets and bead bracelets

4. Rings for kids

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When it comes to rings, you could never go wrong with birthstone rings. Other styles to try would be heart-shaped rings and animal symbols.

5. Religious Jewellery For Kids

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Whatever your religious beliefs, you can always incorporate its symbolism in your baby’s jewellery, be it a crucifix, the Star of David, little Buddha, or the Om symbol. Evil eye jewellery and bracelets with black beads are gifted to babies to ward off any negative energies. Other popular choices are pendants with images of saints. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children.

6. Personalised Jewellery

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You will get the most sentimentally significant creative satisfaction when you gift your little children something of tremendous value in form of personalised jewellery. Popular designs include baby’s footprint or handprint engraved as pendants, personalised bangles with baby’s hands, name bracelets and personalised dog tags for baby boys, bead necklaces with baby’s initials or name, mother & baby heart pendants, charm bracelets with personalised baby symbols such as birth date, name, zodiac sign, etc. Some parents get ID bracelets or necklaces with their information engraved on the back if, under unforeseen circumstances, the baby goes missing or is taken.

If you want something truly personal, get a special milestone event or a mother-child, parents-child memory engraved on jewellery using 3D printing.

Buying jewellery for kids and watching them wear it will be a powerful moment during your journey of parenthood & you will cherish it forever. Do remember to scour the internet and jewellery stores for the most special baby jewellery ideas when you decide to buy baby jewellery. If you’d like to educate your children on how to take off their jewellery, get them a tiny jewellery box and teach them how to safely store their jewellery.


  1. Reena
    November 19, 2018 / 8:00 pm

    Buying jewellery for kids on special birthdays is my go-to for gifting. I see it as something precious that will last a lifetime and a good investment for them too.