Through The Looking Glass – The Mystical World Of Murano Glass Jewellery

From the country that invented La Dolce Vita or the sweet life comes the exquisite art jewellery made from glass – Italian Murano jewellery. It synthesizes superlative artistry with eclectic blends of wild colours. Murano glass jewellery is like wearing the entire Italian Renaissance colour palette drenched in the magical mosaics of the most romantic Venetian vistas.

If your dressing style gravitates to artistic, bohemian, unconventional, experimental, colourful, vintage and casual, Murano glass jewellery will be a faithful fashion collaborator you can count on to dream up the trendiest looks. In essence, Murano glass jewellery is for the discerning and the tasteful,  for those who like aesthetics as a lingering subtext in their style statement.

What is Murano Glass Jewellery?

Murano glass is a creation of a little Venetian island of Murano in Italy. Ever since the 13th century, Murano has been a prominent glass craftsmanship center of the western world.

This age-old craft is made of glass that is 70% silica while the rest is called ‘fluxes’ – soda and lime. After melting glass at lower temperatures, colours are added which have an unmistakable glow. Various looks that the glassmakers achieve range from aquamarine, dark reds, shiny alabaster pastels, crayon-like enameled shades and transparent colours.

Historically, the most dazzling works of art made of Murano glass include floral bouquet chandeliers called ‘ciocca’. The art was later incorporated in art deco fountains and exclusive furniture and then adapted to the famous Murano glass beads, pendants, bracelets and other forms of jewellery and ornaments. Types of glass beads include crystalline glass, aventurine glass (made with threads of gold), Rosetta beads (hollow glass with layers of colours and zigzag patterns) and millefiori glass (patterns on solid glass.)

Why is Murano Glass Jewellery Popular?

Murano aqua and gold necklace

Objects made of Murano glass are spellbindingly beautiful, particularly jewellery. You cannot quite take your eyes off them.

The antiquated charm of expertly shaped Murano pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are rare works of art, worth collecting and wearing. They are timeless and stand above & beyond the ‘here today gone tomorrow’ trends.

Whether it’s a charm pendant or a layered Murano bead necklace, the flawless Murano craftsmanship makes it a connoisseur’s delight and the wearer’s pride. Murano jewellery designs range from traditional filigree and glass carving with floral and animal motifs to the more modern interpretations of abstract themes.

Murano jewellery is popular not only for its exclusivity and old-world glamour, it can turn from retro into modern just as easily with totemic, fusion, conceptual designs. The most undeniable appeal of Murano jewellery are the array of colours which are infused with a carefree abandon, but as overrun as the colours appear, there is a masterful method behind the madness, the one you can’t resist.

Types of Murano Jewellery

  • Murano Millefiori Pendant

Millefiori pendants by Murano Glass World

When translated it means a pendant of a thousand flowers, but the technique involves layers of molten colours forming stars, upon which more layers are added.

  •   Murano Glass Bead Necklace

An authentic Murano aquamarine glass necklace by MuranoGlassGifts

Necklaces made of handmade beads in millefiori, shades of aquamarine, floral or animal motifs, bright red enamels of red and the likes; Murano bead necklaces are vibrant & attractive.

  • Murano Glass Bracelets

Rosetta bead bracelets

As cuffs, charms, beads, Murano glass bracelets look stunning with Chevron or Rosetta beads, gold leaf designs, aqua blue ice squares, transparent round pastels and cubical shapes.

  • Murano Glass Earrings

Murano pink lampwork earrings Etsy

Popular styles are millefiori stud and drop earrings, along with multi-coloured round dangle earrings, traditional filigree designs (blown beads) and floral teardrop styles.

  • Murano Glass Rings

Murano glass rings

Shining statement square and round rings, made with gold, aqua, turquoise, orange and other bold colours in millefiori or blown bead patterns.

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How to Buy Murano Glass Jewellery

Needless to say the authentic Murano jewellery craft has many ardent imitators, so you might be buying imitations if you’re not quite familiar with the identifiers. It has been estimated that around half of the Murano glass jewellery distributed today is imitation art by Asian and Eastern European sellers.

Most Italian companies use Artistic Glass Murano trademark. Or else check the glass maker’s signature online and compare it on the product you’re buying. Authentic Murano glass work  is handmade and will have imperfections like air bubbles and pontil marks on it and won’t be as flawless as the imitation. Look for labels such as Made in Italy, Murano Style Glass and check if glass making techniques are mentioned, the main ones being Sommerso, Fenicio, Millefiori and Bullicante.

If you’re buying it online, check reviews, browse through the catalog to see the variety in styles and make sure you’re buying from a renowned vendor. Additionally, always insist on proper certification that should come with authentic Murano jewellery.

Where to Buy Murano Glass Jewellery

Marina E Susanna Sent Murano necklace

If you’re ever in Italy, visit Murano in Venice to explore and buy some of its finest Murano glass objects and jewellery. A factory visit and exploring small glass shops in Murano could really enlighten one on the fine art of Murano glass making. In Venice, visit Maria And Sussana Sent’s shop as well as Attombri Brothers for beautifully designed pieces of Murano art jewellery. Some of the most respected designers, sellers and brands in Murano glass are Fratelli Toso and Venini.

If you’re buying Murano glass jewellery online, try Ten Sanremo,,,, ,,,,, and

Murano glass jewellery can cost anywhere between $70 to $1000, depending on its size and craftsmanship. Smaller studs can cost anywhere between $30 to $50. If you’re shopping online and the price seems too low, chances are it is imitation work, at the same time just because the price is extravagant, doesn’t necessarily mean the work will be top-notch. You need to trust your instincts while you do your research online, and it helps to buy online from niche Murano glass vendors with good reviews.

Nothing truly Italian is made without love, be it art, wine, pizza, operas, sculptures or jewellery. Murano glass jewellery will be a treasure you’d always love and cherish and will make you feel ‘tanto Bellissimo’.