Stay Classy And Elegant Forever with Platinum Jewellery

Decades ago fashion empress Coco Chanel had famously remarked that ‘a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous’.

If we were to elaborate on her iconic statement using jewellery diction, we’d say:

  • Glitter in gold when you want to show Cleopatra-esque drama
  • Wear silver when you want to embody a gypsy diva
  • But choose platinum when you want to go full-metal elegant

Platinum jewellery is the greatest accoutrement in your style realm when ‘classy and fabulous’ is on your mind. Associated with aristocracy, highly coveted due to its exclusivity, platinum jewellery deserves to become the shining star of your fashion repertoire.

What is platinum?


It is a naturally occurring lustrous rare metal, one of the strongest and the most resilient elements created by nature.

Platinum jewellery, however, is not made from pure platinum which is extremely malleable. It is combined with other platinum group metals such as palladium or rhodium or other base metals like copper or cobalt.

It is rarer than gold in the metal hierarchy -think Platinum over Gold credit cards!

Why should you buy platinum jewellery?

Exquisite tanzanite platinum ring
Exquisite tanzanite platinum ring

Contrary to popular belief, platinum is not just a favourite for wedding bands and engagement rings. It is the rare metal with which finest jewellery ideas are manifested. The world’s hottest designers are creating platinum jewellery that is continuously trending in high fashion circles and among the wealthiest of the wealthy, but due to mass demand, platinum jewellery is also appearing on the girl next door’s ‘must-have’ jewellery list and thus becoming more affordable.

Poster boys and girls of the royal lineage, the elusive elite, the exclusive 1% and media A-listers regularly commission, buy, flaunt and gift platinum jewellery like a breakfast routine. But look beyond that.

Even for regular Joes and Janes, platinum jewellery is a good investment, precious and eternal, forever fashionable,  simultaneously good for regular, maintenance-free wear. Championing the philosophy of materialism, platinum easefully assumes the role of a true status symbol.

Owing to its timeless appeal, platinum is a bridal essential. Ad gurus have therefore intelligently positioned platinum bands and rings as the holy grail for those who are in the  ‘man and wife’ stage of their lives. Platinum is more durable than any other metal on earth, analogous to the stuff that marriages are expected to be made of.

Branding and symbolism aside, platinum is good to wear and buy for the sake of fashion as well as posterity.

Platinum Vs Gold Vs Silver

Platinum engagement rings

Platinum is best paired with diamonds. Platinum’s own sheen and luster add to the brilliance of a diamond, and due to its strength and non-reactive nature, is the preferred metal setting for diamond jewellery. Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold (certainly rarer than silver), thus more expensive and more desirable.

Although gold has its own ageless appeal, platinum is quickly gaining a prominent place in even the most traditionally-bound households and women with a more urbane outlook have already incorporated platinum jewellery as a piece de resistance in their style statements.

White gold may look like platinum to the naked eye, but there is a world of difference behind the scenes.

18k white gold is 75% gold mixed with nickel, zinc or rhodium plating, 14k gold is only 58.3% gold mixed with other metals.

Know about different types of gold jewellery

Platinum, however, is 95% pure platinum mixed with rhodium, other platinum metal groups or silver. It is denser than white gold since white gold depends more on other metals for its durability.

Yellow gold (22k and 18k) is mixed with other alloys like nickel, copper or silver. Rose gold is mixed with copper to give it the romantic pink hue, also preferred by young couples. Silver, the cheapest of all these metals yet no less beautiful, is usually more brittle and tarnish-prone, but a winning choice for an antiquated, oxidized glamourous look.

Platinum Pros and Cons


  • Rarer, thus more exclusive
  • Denser, thus more durable
  • Highest status symbol
  • Hypoallergenic, more tarnish-resistant than any other metal
  • Low-maintenance


  • More expensive than other metals
  • Prone to patina and dullness over long periods of time
  • Prone to scratching if handles with neglect

Gold Pros and Cons


  • More affordable than platinum
  • White gold easily resembles platinum
  • The option of yellow and rose gold colours


  • Requires more maintenance than platinum
  • Gathers tarnish due to the presence of other metals
  • Polishing white gold and rose gold results in gradual decolouring
  • Less durable than platinum

Silver Pros and Cons


  • The most affordable of all metals
  • Good for unconventional, experimental designs due to its fashion-friendly appeal
  • The preferred metal for affordable gemstone jewellery


  • Tarnishes constantly
  • Least durable of all metals
  • High-maintenance metal
  • Considered less illustrious than platinum and gold

High-end Platinum Jewellery Brands

Cartier Love Ring

So who moves the platinum needle in global jewellery trends and designs? Too many to count, but we’ll list the best.

  • Harry Winston platinum and diamond rings for him and her – exquisite and classic.
  • Cartier Platinum love bands – trendy and always in high demand.
  • Tiffany’s premium platinum bracelets, rings and pendants – to die for.
  • Bvlgari’s gemstone necklaces in platinum – the best high-end Italian multi-chromatic jewellery
  • Van Cleef & Arpels high jewellery – the most exclusive daily wear platinum
  • De Beers platinum wedding rings – timeless and gorgeous
  • Piaget platinum rings – elegant, dainty and highly coveted
  • J. Birnbach platinum bracelets – quite simply the most swoon-worthy platinum bracelets in the world

Affordable Platinum Jewellery

A piece of high-end platinum jewellery, say an engagement or a wedding ring can cost about Rs. 5 lakh.

But several jewellery brands have started selling more affordable platinum jewellery to appeal to the up-and-coming gen Y that wants luxury to be more pocket-friendly.

Orra, CaratLane, Popley & Sons offer affordable platinum jewellery starting at Rs. 20,000 up to Rs. 70,000.

How To Shop For Platinum Jewellery

The surest way to get authentic platinum jewellery is to buy it from a renowned, recommended national or international jewellery brand.

Platinum authenticity can be identified by following hallmarks:

  • Pt 950 – 95% pure platinum
  • Pt 850- 85% pure platinum along with other platinum groups or base metals
  • Pt 800 Pd 200 – 80% pure platinum 20% palladium

If there is no platinum label or hallmark, it is likely the jewellery is less than 50% platinum. There is a big unorganized platinum jewellery market, so never buy platinum without checking the certificate of authenticity or the hallmark labelling.

Always consider the making charges, depending upon the brand or the jewellery you’re buying, making charges may be between 11% to 25% of the platinum.

Platinum never fails to woo and beguile a jewellerista with its unlimited charm and elegance. Have you considered expanding your jewellery collection by adding some eternal pieces of platinum to it? If you haven’t already shopped for platinum jewellery, the time is ripe. Even If you’re not ready for platinum wedding rings, start with platinum bracelets and lockets and feel pretty, classy and fabulous.

How to care for platinum jewellery

The best thing about platinum jewellery is that it does not fade or lose its shine over years. Also, it is an extremely hard-wearing, resistant metal, 60% denser than gold,  so it won’t damage easily. It does not wear down, in other words, a platinum ring that was made ten years ago will weigh the same today.

But over a long period of time, a thin soft patina may set over it, slightly darkening its otherwise radiant glow. There is a chance of the prongs on your ring coming loose, or the possibility of hairline cracks occurring due to accidents.

Follow the steps below in order to protect your expensive platinum rings and jewellery from damage:

  • Remove your platinum rings or bracelets before handling bleach or other abrasive chemicals, especially if your jewellery has gemstones in it. The chemicals won’t harm the platinum, but may cause damage, breakage or discoloration to the gemstones.
  • Always wear your platinum jewellery after you’ve applied makeup.
  • Always wear your platinum jewellery after you’ve sprayed deodorant, perfume or hairspray.
  • Avoid operating heavy machinery or gardening tools while wearing your precious platinum jewellery.
  • Use special jewellery cleaning solution which is made only for platinum jewellery.
  • For regular cleaning, use mild soap water or dishwashing liquid, and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away grime from the intricate prong settings and crevices.
  • Always use warm water to rinse your platinum jewellery after you’ve cleaned it.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry it off.
  • If resizing or repairing is to be done, make sure your jeweller uses platinum for the process. If white gold is used, dark patchy coloration may appear on the jewellery.
  • If you see the soft patina setting over your platinum jewellry. for which you prefer more professional cleansing, take it to a trusted jewellery for polishing.
  • Apart from wedding bands or engagement rings, any platinum jewellery which you do not wear on a daily basis, should be stored away separately from other jewellery pieces, in a jewellery box or pouch covered in ziploc bags or a soft fabric.

Platinum never fails to woo and beguile a jewellerista with its unlimited charm and elegance. Have you considered expanding your jewellery collection by adding some eternal pieces of platinum to it? If you haven’t already shopped for platinum jewellery, the time is ripe. Even If you’re not ready for platinum wedding rings, start with platinum bracelets and lockets and feel pretty, classy and fabulous.