Sagittarius Birthstone Is the Beautiful Zircon. Brings You Luck & Prosperity

Sagittarius Zodiac Dates: November 22-December 21

Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol: Archer

Sagittarius Birthstone: Zircon

Sagittarius Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius Ruling Element: Fire

Those born between November 22 to December 21 fall under the zodiac star sign of Sagittarius and have the beautiful Zircon as their zodiac birthstone.

Zircon is one of the oldest minerals on earth and has been cherished as a gemstone for over two millennia. Found in a handful of locations, amidst the igneous rocks of the earth, zircon has a heart of fire. Its luminescence comes from a high refractive index, a light dispersion rate nearly as high as diamonds. The zircon plays with light like no other.

Zircon that is colourless is often compared to the diamond as it reflects brilliant flashes of light and colour. In ancient times, the stone was often mistaken for diamond. But Zircon is found in more than just colour, as you can read about below.

Sagittarius personalities are positive, think critically and are known for their honesty. They are caring towards their friends and loved ones, are broad-minded and always find a way to help those in need. The Zircon gemstones are said to positively impact the life of a Sagittarius, both financially as well as physically.

We take a close look at the myth and meaning that surrounds this gem and its very special connection to the Sagittarius sun sign.

Sagittarius Birthstone Colour: Blue

Sagittarius Birthstone Colour- Blue

Zircon’s colour palette is not limited to the reflections of a colourless gem. The stone is mined in a variety of beautiful shades of yellow, red, brown, green and blue, making it a stunning and versatile gem to use in jewellery. The gemstone is most often found in colourless or blue variety when embedded in jewels.

In medieval times, zircon was believed to bring prosperity, honour and wisdom to those who wore it. It was also thought to help its wearer sleep – a particular serendipity for the blue zircon often referred to as ‘Starlite’.

Precious natural zircons are not to be confused with synthetic cubic zirconia – an imitation diamond. Discerning buyers know that natural zircons are beautiful and valuable and much rarer.

Astrologers believe that zircon brings its Sagittarius wearer luck and fulfilment in their relationships, and peace in their married lives.  The blue zircon is said to embody the colour and movement of the sea and is thought to represent forging ahead in life with a positive outlook.

Sagittarius Star Sign Birthstone: Zircon & Its Meaning

Sagittarius Star Sign Birthstone

Astrology recommends wearing jewellery with your birthstone on it for positive effects on life and to remove negativity. It is thought that Zircon brings luck and good things to people who fall under the star sign of Sagittarius. When worn, Zircon can help lift the spirit of its wearer as well as help them achieve prosperity and success in life. It is also thought to grant its wearers more peaceful sleep and protect against nightmares.

Where to Buy Zircon Jewellery

Most big jewellery brands sell zircon jewellery in a variety of forms. Some tops brands to shop for zircon jewellery in India are TBZ, Kalyan Jewellers, Tanishq and CaratLane.

If you are shopping abroad, you can do so on websites like Saks Fifth Avenue and Amazon. They have good collections of zircon jewellery in a variety of designs and styles.

So there you have it, all you need to know about zircon gemstones and its myths. If you are a Sagittarius, you might want to consider investing in zircon jewellery for its many supposed astrological benefits.