The Many Benefits Of Wearing Gold

“Water is best, but gold shines like fire blazing in the night, supreme of lordly wealth.” – Thus spake ancient Greek lyric poet Pindar.

One has to agree and wonder. What is the attraction of gold that it has remained the most valuable and the most venerated metal from the ancient times to the present day? In jewellery circuits, gold is always the new black. Having a heart of gold is splendid, but having a box full of precious gold jewellery is even more splendid. Aside from being an eternal adornment, gold has been believed to have special properties that are beneficial for the wearer.

In other words, fashion, weddings, and parties is where gold gets its decorative, artistic and glittery expression, but there is a deeper and more meaningful significance that gold jewellery carries. You’d be surprised to discover the benefits of gold.

Health Benefits Of Gold

Gold is believed to carry healing qualities or pure vibrations that help rebalance the imbalanced energy fields. When gold is mixed with other alloys, it loses some of its power, which is why 24k carat gold was used medicinally to heal injuries in the ancient era. It is even believed that Cleopatra used gold as a rejuvenating mask to fight to age.

  • Ancient astrological beliefs state that gold can help unblock the constricted flow of blood in the body and facilitate a healthier blood flow throughout the body.
  • The warmth of gold is known to relax the tissue and thus healing the injured area, facilitating a faster healing process.
  • Gold nanocrystals are used to treat multiple sclerosis. Gold has been known to aid healing in arthritis, skin cancer, blood disorders and even spinal conditions.
  • Properties of gold assist in healing the nervous as well as the endocrine system.
  • New age followers believe wearing gold can help in curing indigestion, mental stress and breathing problems since gold are associated with the sacral chakra which helps in transmitting the communication from the mind to the body and vice versa.
  • Gold is known to regulate body temperature, thus benefiting anyone who suffers from night chills or hot flashes.
  • Acupuncturists use gold tipped needles to unblock energy flow and alleviate pain. Alternative healers use gold coloured crystals to cure minor aches and pains in the body

Mental Benefits Of Wearing Gold

Vedic science, Egyptian alchemy as well as other world cultures have highly praised the positive energy of gold that purifies energy fields and thoughtforms. It is regarded as a conductor of higher energy. It is said to bring mental peace, emotional stability and long-term happiness. It is supposed to be a connection to ‘divine consciousness.’

Essentially, wearing gold won’t cure any and all ailments completely, but the presence of gold on your skin will assist in the healing process and also due to its warm vibrations at an energetic level, gold will work as a preventive shield of sorts. The benefits are subtle, not direct or immediate. Its non-toxic elements make it even more desirable to wear.

Wearing gold can:

  • Alleviate stress and depression
  • Activate and clear third eye chakra and heart chakra
  • Reduce emotional conflict
  • Attract wealth and positivity
  • Keep out negative entities and attacks
  • Balance the creative and logical aspects of the brain

Gold Jewellery To Reap Astrological Benefits

Gold jewellery is known to banish negative energy

  • Wearing the gold ring on index finger enhances concentration.
  • For fame and prosperity, gold rings are worn on the middle finger.
  • Wear a gold ring in your little finger to cure breathing and asthma problems.
  • A gold chain is worn for marital bliss.
  • Gold earrings are known to balance and enhance mental faculties.

Vedic astrology dictates that gold ornaments should be worn on the upper part of the body and not on the lower limbs. Doing so may negatively charge energy fields and cause restlessness, bad luck or imbalance in the body.

Word of caution: If you are superstitious or peculiar about wearing the right gemstones, and/or precious metal on your body or wary of how it may impact you, in terms of your auric or physical well-being, or if you need detailed guidance on each type of jewel stone/ metal do consult a professional astrologer or a spirit scientist.

For information on how to clean your gold jewellery to maintain its lustre and sheen, check out our DIY tips on how to clean gold.


  1. Dio Marsaille
    September 26, 2018 / 10:28 am

    I loved it when you said that wearing gold around an area that has been injured will hasten the healing process because it has the warmth that relaxes the tissues. if so, then my idea of buying my sister a bracelet made of gold was right. She recently got into an accident while playing tennis, and her wrist was injured. At least, now I know my gift as two purposes.

  2. Jyoti
    November 25, 2018 / 11:09 am

    Great article on the health benefits of wearing gold.

    • jeweladmin
      November 26, 2018 / 10:38 am

      Thanks! Plus more reason to buy jewellery!

  3. cationic
    December 12, 2018 / 3:39 pm

    Tһis blog ᴡas… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that hеlped me.
    Appreciate it!

  4. Taylor Anderson
    December 13, 2018 / 10:54 pm

    It’s interesting that gold is said to bring mental peace and emotional stability. I’ve been having a really hard time, so It sounds like I should try wearing one of my gold rings. Where can I learn even more about the spiritual benefits of gold?